Give Your Wrist A Tech Upgrade With The New Google Pixel Watch

A health and fitness focused smartwatch

“Hey, Google. When does the Google Pixel Watch come out?” Sooner than we think, according to the tech giant. Google has revealed during its Google IO 2022 event that it will introduce new additions to its Pixel product line-up, including its first-ever smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch, starting this Fall between September and November 2022. Here’s what else you should expect from them.

The Google Pixel Watch will include Fitbit technology

Google Pixel Watch powered by Fitbit technology

The Google Pixel Watch will be available this Fall. (Photos from:

ICYDK, Google acquired fitness gadget company Fitbit for a cool USD2.1 billion last year. As such, the Google Pixel Watch will be powered by Fitbit technology. Users will be able to enjoy health- and fitness-focused features such as sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring as well as tracking their personal fitness goals.

It will also feature an all-new “Wear OS” experience such that it feels fluid when worn on the wrist. We’re definitely intrigued.

Of course, the Watch will also have a suite of useful Google software features, including Google Maps (you’ll no longer need your phone for this!), contactless payment functions such as Google Wallet, and Google Assistant. You’ll also be able to access smart home controls from your wrist. Cool, right?

The Google Pixel Watch features a circular design and customisable bands

Design-wise, the watch looks pretty sleek and easy on the eyes. It sports a circular, domed design and will come with detachable bands so that users can customise their watch to their liking. Tech Crunch shared that the watch frame is made from recycled stainless steel. Meanwhile, Tech Radar reported that it will be available in three colours: grey, black and gold. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Heads up, the Google Pixel Watch will only be compatible with Android devices

This won’t come as a surprise to many, but the Google Pixel Watch will only work with Android devices. iPhone users and iOS devices will have to sit this one out!

Other new Google Pixel products coming soon: Phone, wireless earbuds and tablet

Upcoming Google Pixel launches

Left - Google Pixel 6a phone. (Photo from: Right - Google Pixel Buds Pro. (Photo from:

Apart from the launch of the Google Pixel Watch, Google is also gearing up for the release of its Pixel tablet, which is rumoured to compete against Apple’s iPad, next year. Google will also release a more wallet-friendly version of its Pixel phone — called the 6a — in late July this year along with its first set of wireless earbuds. The Pixel 6a is priced from SGD749, while the Pixel Buds Pro is priced from SGD299.

This article will be updated with the price, detailed specs and availability of the Google Pixel Watch in Singapore as more information becomes available.

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