Calming Mobile Games To Play During Your Downtime

Tap the stresses away

Find that you're a bit more tired and out-of-focus lately? It may be a sign that the stresses of all the alarming current events, work, and many more are finally taking a toll. Keep burnout at bay by remembering to take little breaks every once in a while. According to Psychology Today, taking a pause actually increases productivity and creativity. These little moments refresh our minds and strengthen our motivation, especially when we're tackling long-term goals. So, to help you soothe your minds for a little while, here are some mobile games you can play during your post-conference call break or when you finally sign off from work at the end of the day. 

Infinity Loop

iOS | Android

Find that brain-teasing games are the best at keeping your mind off things for a moment? Get into zen mode with Infinity Loop. The game entails you to connect lines and achieve a cohesive image — all without any form of pressure or tension. The methodical action of spotting patterns that these types of games involve immerses you and keeps you away from day-to-day stresses. Not to mention, it serves as a good distraction that influences our hormones. In an interview with CNN, Dr. Vaile Wright of the American Psychological Association says playing puzzle games like this "lowers cortisol, which is your stress hormone, and increases endorphins." Now isn't that a good, healthy way to spend your break?

I Love Hue

iOS | Android

Speaking of de-stressing mobile games that give your brain cells a boost, you definitely have to play I Love Hue. The colour grid puzzle game lets you experience harmony by allowing you to create order among mosaics of coloured tiles. As you move each tile into their place in the spectrum, your colour-perception is also heightened and you learn to see minute differences in shades. Most importantly, the colourful gameplay of I Love Hue mesmerises and lulls your mind into serenity. 

Adorable Home

iOS | Android

Regain control during these chaotic times by playing this simulation game called Adorable Home. The game, which has taken social media by storm, allows you to plan a life with an in-game partner. It's quite a cute distraction; while the game's soothing background music plays, you can spend the time decorating your house and spoiling your cats. The game is meant to be passive and chill — and you can return to it any time when you find that your hands are free and you won't really miss a thing.


iOS | Android

Have long wanted to grow your own plants but sadly not gifted with the green thumb? Download Viridi and foster your very own succulents virtually. You can enjoy bliss as you tend to your tiny plants that gradually grow in your phone as you're away. Aside from leaving you ecstatic and proud of your progress, it's one of the most popular mobile games out there that affords you a quiet retreat on-screen so you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily living for a few minutes. And, just in case you want to play it on a bigger screen, you can play Viridi on PC too!

Alto's Adventure

iOS | Android

For something a bit more action-packed, try Alto's Adventure. Guide Alto as he embarks on an endless snowboarding journey across alpine hills. Along the way, you'll meet new friends, rescue llamas, and leap over challenges as you explore different sceneries and landscapes. But what makes it stand out from all the other platform games is that it boasts minimalist design and ambient music, making you feel as though you're fluidly interacting with a work of art. 

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