I Am Her: Sabrina Tajudin On Beauty And Family

Challenging but worth it

Our “I Am Her” series features the female movers and shakers of the industry to learn how femininity and power coincide beautifully and seamlessly together.

Back in 2014, Sabrina Tajudin forayed into the Malaysian beauty industry with Breena Beauty, releasing a curated line of makeup brushes. Having a background as a beauty blogger, her goal was to make high-quality and high-performing cosmetic tools available to the market at budget-friendly price points. Since then, Breena Beauty has expanded to accommodate other product offerings such as sponges, tool cleansers, and most recently, colour makeup with an eyeliner, eyeshadow palette and a line of more than 12 shades of liquid lipstick. We caught up with Sabrina and asked for her thoughts on family and being in the business of beauty.

Fill in the blank: I am a ____________ (entrepreneur, beauty mogul, etc)

I am a beauty blogger turned entrepreneur.

How did you decide to go into the beauty business?

I just love beauty products; it is another form of art, which was my favourite thing when I was a kid.

What is it like running a business with your husband?

It’s fun but also challenging. *laughs* But the best part is we get to be as honest as possible with each other on thoughts and ideas without having to take them personally.

Is it challenging to juggle between business and your growing family?

I won't lie, it is challenging but it is definitely a learning process and teaches me a lot of things for a better me.

Why did you start Breena Beauty with brushes instead of a cosmetic item?

I want to start with something different from others in the market and I also take time to venture into cosmetics because I want to make sure I get the best sources of ingredients for my product rather than jump into it with no clue of what product I have to offer to the consumer.

What are your favourite makeup products?

Of course, I love my Velvetcreme Matte liquid lipsticks that I also use as a blush.

Which part of your face do you start with first when applying makeup?

I start with a proper skincare routine, making sure my skin is well hydrated, then I start with dotting my face makeup, which is foundation or concealer.

What’s your top tip for a flawlessly made-up face?

Well-prepared hydrated skin and the baking technique.

What are your Clozette essentials?

Plain blouse and tapered pants are my go-to for every day.

What can we expect from Breena Beauty in 2019?

New products especially in the colour cosmetics category and if all goes well, we will have our own skincare products.

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