Hype Hound: Can Lush's Sleepy Body Lotion Really Help You Sleep?

Is it as good as they say?

Originally released as a limited-edition holiday product, Sleepy gained its spot as a Lush mainstay because of the hype it garnered from fans who claimed that it helped them with their insomnia. One author even claimed that this body lotion helped her sleep in just 15 minutes. Naturally, this made us wonder if it is really as good as they say. So we bought a jar at a local Lush store and tried it for ourselves. The small jar costs PHP525/~USD10.08 for 95g and the big jar is priced at PHP945/~USD18.14 for 225g. Did it live up to its hype? Read on to find out.

I usually sleep as early as 9 PM, making it seem like I should be able to sleep soundly. However, even the tiniest noise wakes me up and sometimes, my brain just wouldn't stop hustling that I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night feeling all worked up. So when I heard about this product that's supposedly a "miracle for insomniacs," I was excited to give it a try.

Just like any other Lush product, the packaging is uncomplicated, which I liked. However, the candy-like smell was initially too sweet for my liking. Thankfully, it grew on me after weeks of usage. Still, if you're sensitive to scents, this might put you off.

As for the actual product, the consistency is very silky and leaves a nice soft sheen to the skin. Regarding its claims, it's an exaggeration to say that you'll fall asleep as soon as you lather it on, but I think it did help me get more soothing zzzzs for the past couple of weeks probably because of the natural oils.

Is it worth the hype? If you don't expect too much from it, probably. It's a soothing product, just not something that will cure you of insomnia in as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Except for a few nights, I fall asleep pretty easily. With that said, even if I'm quite a heavy sleeper I still enjoyed Lush's Sleepy. In fact, this pastel-purple cream is one of my favourite body lotions right now along with Lush's Dream Cream (for the colder months) and Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion (for the summer months). In my opinion, the best thing about Sleepy is its scent; it was love at first sniff for me. It doesn't smell like the typical lavender scent; this one is sweeter and candy-like with hints of fruity notes. I absolutely love the aroma and it definitely helps me relax after a busy day. 

However, I must say that I didn't experience the magical sleep potion effect of Sleepy. I timed myself and whether or not I use this body lotion, I still sleep roughly in the same amount of time. Nevertheless, as I've said I still benefitted from its soothing effects. The consistency is very silky yet moisturising enough for my skin. It's not the lightest lotion in the market but it's not heavy. If you're familiar with the texture of Lush's Dream Cream then I would say that it has the same feel, which makes sense because they both use oatmeal in their formula. 

Now, let's talk about the packaging. I'm a little torn, to be honest. On one hand, I love the feel of dipping your fingertips in a tub of rich, velvety cream. However, like all products in a jar, it seems a bit unhygienic and sometimes you can't help but scoop more product than you need. I guess the best thing is to wash your hands first before putting this on or better yet, indulge first in a nice bath or shower before using Sleepy. I've tried it and it felt great! Even though Sleepy's price is a little steep for a body lotion, I would still repurchase it. 

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