Nail Files: From A Trip To Remember

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Vacation nails are a nice treat to have for when you go on trips abroad. You wouldn’t feel self-conscious about featuring them in the slew of Instagram posts throughout your trip. You could also customise the nail art depending on your destination. We talked to three Clozette Community members who've donned eye-catching nail arts while on their favourite trips. Let these serve as inspiration when we get to explore other countries again.

Oriental ornaments

Christy Ho's oriental-theme vacation nails

Christy likes to pair her nails to her destination whenever she can. (Photo from: @christyfrisbee)

For Clozette Ambassador Christy Ho (christyfrisbee), vacation nails are often a happy coincidence since she usually visits the nail salon once a month. “On the rare occasion that I'm due for a visit right before a holiday, I tend to opt for designs that reflect the country or culture I'm about to immerse myself in!” 

This particular Gelish nail art was done by Twenty Nails Salon in Singapore for her trips to Hong Kong and Japan last year. “I knew I was headed to two Asian countries and opted for something more oriental.” Since her nails would be featured in a lot of exciting Instagram posts and stories, she didn’t see any point in keeping them plain. We certainly agree with her on that.

Outfit matching

Winnie Lee's vacations nails were blush pink and silver glitters

For Winnie, it’s all about her vacation nails complimenting her OOTDs. (Photo from: Winnieloves)

Meanwhile, frequent traveller and Star Clozetter Winnie Lee a.k.a. WinnieLoves prefers designing her nails around the outfits she’ll wear rather than the destination. “I will always do my nails locally before a trip. It makes the trip feel complete when you have nice nails!” So for her trip to Bangkok, Thailand last year, she opted for these blush and silver nail art that matched all her outfits.

Nail mishaps

Daphne knows the struggle of having to fix your nails on-the-go while on vacation. (Photo from: mitsueki)

Star Clozetter Daphne Xiao, also known as Mitsueki, is another travel blogger from the Community with a penchant for lovely vacation nails. For her very first solo trip to Okinawa, Japan, she opted for a more toned-down version of her usual glitzy nail art. “I tend to favour a lot of crystals and glitter,” she shared. Daphne prefers gel manicures as they tend to last longer as vacation nails — up to three weeks, in her experience. She also makes it a point to schedule a nail appointment prior to any trip. This guarantees that she’ll have nicely manicured vacation nails for every trip. Well, almost.

“There was one time I had my nails nicely done for a trip, but I didn't really take care of it so the Gelish nail art was peeling off from one of the nails and it looked really awful,” Daphne recalled. “I also couldn't drop by my nail artist's place to fix it since I was already at the airport. In the end, I had to quickly run off to the nearest Watsons to pick up a complimentary nail polish colour to try to DIY 'fix' it. I remember having to repaint it every day during my trip because the nail polish didn't last!”

(Cover photo: @christyfrisbee)

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