How To: ‘Sleigh’ Your Holiday Glam With Chrome Nails

All about that shimmer and shine

The holiday season is finally here, and this means decking ourselves in all things fun and festive — even for our nails! If you’ve been surfing through #NailTok (nail trends on TikTok) recently, you would’ve noticed the resurgence of chrome nails, aka a high-shine nail art design that ‘Clean Girls’ simply can’t get enough of.

Read on for three trending chrome nail designs that you should show your manicurist during your upcoming visit to the salon. You can DIY if you’re feeling creative too, ‘cause we’ve got the step-by-step tutorials sorted for you as well.

Chrome Nails Trend, as seen on Beyoncé and Mimi Webb

Left - Queen B elevates her 'Renaissance' concert ‘fit with silver chrome nails. (Photo from: @beyonce) Right - Celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey created pink chrome nails for singer Mimi Web. (Photo from: @nailsbymh)

1. Pink rosé chrome nails

@charlotteherberts2 Rośe 🍷 #pinknails💅 #chromenails ♬ Otra Vez - ProdMarvin

TikTok user @charlotteherberts2 gives her nails the pink rosé chrome treatment. Her video has amassed over 10 million views to date.

We’re calling this #BarbieCore 2.0! Pink rosé chrome nails feature your favourite shade, but give off a cooler vibe with their mirror-like sheen. It’s also going to give you that pretty pop of colour, whether you’re donning a sharp pantsuit or an elegant frock.

How to nail this trending look

TikTok user @charlotteherberts2 starts off by applying two coats of black nail polish to her nails. Then, she goes in with a layer of gel. Next, she dips an eyeshadow applicator (yes, the small ones that usually come with your eyeshadow palettes!) into a pan of pink chrome powder. She proceeds to apply layers of pink chrome powder onto her nails and makes sure to clean up the edges until the finishing looks net and even.

2. Vanilla white chrome nails

How gorgeous are Alexandra Teleki's vanilla chrome nails? Her tutorial for creating this nail art design has received over 4 million views on Instagram as of writing.

For the Clean Girls who can’t get enough of the ‘Glazed Donut’ trend, vanilla white chrome nails should definitely be at the top of your holiday glam wishlist this year. This look is an elevated version of the subtle shimmers that we’ve worn all year round and will perfectly complement the ring stacks that you’ll want to show off this special season.

How to nail this trending look

Nail art influencer Alexander Teleki, who goes by @thehotblend on Instagram, recommends that you start with one to two coats of your choice of colour before you apply your top coat. In this case, you’ll want to choose a milky white shade that best complements your skin tone. Then, double-cure your nails, at 60 seconds per session. Next, rub the chrome powder onto your nails and ensure that the coverage looks even. 

If the chrome powder isn’t sticking too well to your nails, consider wiping the top coat with acetone before you re-apply the chrome powder. Finally, top off your look with another layer of top coat to create a stunning, long-lasting finish. Check out Alexander's tutorial on Instagram here.

3. Strawberry caramel whip brown chrome nails

Looking for a delicious cocoa-hued look for your nails? Jennifer Lopez's go-to nail artist Tom Bachik has you covered.

Food-inspired beauty trends are showing no signs of slowing down. Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik, who is behind the trendsetting nail designs seen on Camilla Cabello and Margot Robbie, recently shared a quick tutorial on creating strawberry caramel whip chrome nails. It’s giving cosy, ‘cocoa by the fire’ vibes and we’re here for it.

How to nail this trending look

To create this simple and chic nail art design, Tom started with a rich brown base and layered it with French manicure gel. Then, he topped off the look with ‘whipped cream’ aka iridescent chrome powder to give the nails a stunning, high-shine effect.

More chrome nails inspiration, courtesy of Dua Lipa and Hailey Bieber

Chrome Nails Trend, as seen on Dua Lipa and Hailey Bieber

Left - Dua Lipa in blue chrome nails for the London premiere of ‘Barbie’. Her nails are done by celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey. (Photos from: @nailsbymh) Right - Hailey Bieber with pink chrome nails. (Photo from: @haileybieber)

If the hues recommended above are too ‘safe’ for you, check out singer Dua Lipa’s chrome nail game for the ultimate inspo. The singer appears to be a fan of this nail art design as she’s been spotted with chrome nails on multiple occasions, such as during the premiere of Barbie in London. Hailey Bieber has her nail game on lock too and often switches up the colours of her nails. She, too, was seen with pink chrome nails earlier this year.

So, are you now tempted to get yourself chrome nails this Christmas?

(Cover photos from: @nailsbymh)

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