Would You Hop On The Quirky And Bold Two-Tone Hair Trend?

Splitting hairs

Dyeing your hair at home is a bit of a controversial topic: should you do it and risk ruining your hair or get stuck with discoloured roots and dull strands? So while different hair trends have come and gone since we all started self-isolating, the two-tone hair is set to stand out from the rest. It involves parting your hair down the middle and colouring each half in a different vibrant hue. Styles vary, including dyed front strands for some E-girl vibes or the more kawaii pastel tones.

Creative souls might love this trend since it is a quirky form of self-expression. Our hair’s changeable and highly personal qualities make it perfect for revealing symbolic meanings, according to sociologist Rose Weitz. Is it a means of taking back control over uncertain situations? Or is it simply a reflection of your personality? After all, people in creative fields are often seen expressing themselves in bold and colourful ways. Typically, it’s through makeup or clothing but making this hair change probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal for them. However, if you’re in a client-facing job, your company rules might limit the colour combinations you can do. That said, if you can go for it, would you hop on the two-tone hair trend once you see the examples ahead?

Harley Quinn-inspired

The Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby Rose surprised her Instagram followers with this two-tone dye job. The neon pink and blue reminds us of Harley Quinn’s signature colours. The buzzcut adds an element of edginess to this fun hair change. Girls with short hair might like this look because it's an easy way of adding quirky elements aside from hair clips and bobby pins. 


Ruby Rose isn’t the only celeb to hop on the two-tone hair trend. Mick Jagger’s daughter, fashion model Georgia May Jagger, took some temporary hair dye to achieve this purple and blue creation. Her layered bob perfectly shows off the contrasting finishes of the two colours. One’s shiny and electric while the other is more muted. We could see this working for other colour combinations: red and pink, peach and yellow, even black and grey. Now, this is what you call the best of both worlds.

Matching makeup

While we’re on the topic of monochrome looks, we’re suckers for matching your hair with your makeup. After all, you’re already experimenting with colour so why not go all out? Just imagine the different graphic eyeliners and mystical eyeshadow combos you could do with attention-grabbing tresses. We think professional makeup artists having a blast creating fun makeup looks to go with their exciting hair colours. Just to match our ever-changing moods, maybe DIY-ing some wigs would be fun to try.

Space buns

Moving on to styling, what better way to show off your shiny and eye-catching locks than with a fun hairstyle? Space buns can really show off the different tones in this bold half-and-half dye job. This just shows how the two-tone hair look can add more fun to getting ready for the day. Think of the different hairstyles you could do! Don't just stop at space buns — we have braids, pigtails, and pin-up girl curls to try too. The options are limitless. 

Blonde ends

Circling back to hair inspos, let’s not forget the K-drama queen of two-tone hair. Itaewon Class's Kim Da Mi’s blunt bob with bleached ends is just plain edgy. While it’s not the perfectly split-in-half look that’s commonly seen on social media, it’s still a two-toned look. 

If you really want to try the two-tone hair trend while you can, it's best to go with less permanent means — there's always some temporary hair dyes and wigs you can use to scratch that itch to make a drastic hair change.

(Cover photo: @jullzbeck)

Ace this trend by DIY-ing it with the help of these hair colouring tips.

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