Nail These Timeless Manicure Styles

Pamper sesh at the nail salon, anyone?

A proper manicure is always a treat for any gal. Not only is it a relaxing hour (or hour-and-a-half) without having to think about other responsibilities and whatnot but a great manicure will also leave you looking effortlessly well-groomed and put-together. Your manicurist might even throw in a free hand massage to relax those tired muscles from typing day in and day out. But when you don’t have the time to visit a nail salon or need to fix a chipped polish ASAP, it’s always good to have some go-to colours in your vanity. Here are some popular nail polish looks you should try.

Faux Nude Nails

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Faux Nude Nails
(Photo from: Genzel)

A simple, easy way of achieving a classy and timeless look is by using a nude-coloured polish. It’s all a matter of finding the right shade that matches and complements your skin tone. The Original Color Hit Nail Polish in Wild Nude from the Sephora Collection is a perfect example of this.

Mad About Matte

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Mad About Matte
(Photo from: sparksofjoyce)

Matte polish adds a degree of texture to your look. It’s interesting enough to garner attention in the right lighting, but not too distracting as gems and glitter, which makes it very office-appropriate. Using a matte top coat like this one from Nail Inc. can transform any glossy polish to a matte finish.

Glittering Gems

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Glittering Gems
(Photo from: GreenStory)

For the creative spirit, adding a gem can amp up your nails instantly. The three-dimensional effect can range from classy to kawaii, so mix and match this style to fit your individual personality. Use a rich red polish like the Butter London Patent Shine 10x Lacquer in Afters as a base and place a small rhinestone near the cuticle for a set of classy nails.

Shining, Shimmering Sparkles

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Shining, Shimmering Sparkles
(Photo from: ninasinganon)

Glitter polish is not just for the holidays. Wear glitter nail polishes year-round or pair them with a plain coloured polish for more variety in your look. For confetti-like nails, try the NCLA Prized Possessions Nail Lacquer.

Painted Flora

Nail These IG-Worthy Polish Trends - Painted Flora
(Photo from: paradeoflove)

If you have a bit of time and money to spare, treat yourself to a nail art manicure! Whether you choose a pastel hue or a bold shade for a base, the careful application of the design will astound and impress any person who sees it.

(Cover photo from: @sparksofjoyce)

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