5 Rainbow Manicures That Add Colour To Your Day

Life in technicolour

Rainbow manicures are the current nail art design taking over our socials. It’s a nice reminder of the great outdoors during this time when all we’re seeing are the walls of our homes — or the television, our laptop, phones... you get what we mean. Aside from the nostalgia it brings, the splash of multi-coloured hues also represents positivity, creativity and joy which we all need right now. Some nail enthusiasts have taken to adding bits of positivity to their day with these rainbow manicures — and hopefully, yours as well.

Watercolour and Glitter

To start off this list, we have this watercolour-style rainbow manicure. Instead of covering the entire nail, a neutral white base colour was applied before the different rainbow colours were layered on top. The creative take was further jazzed up by some gold foil right at the tips of the nails. 

Abstract Art

Another take on the rainbow manicure is this one inspired by abstract art with muted tones. Taking a different nail polish shade for each finger, freehand draw some squiggly lines from the tips of your nails going towards the side. If you mess up, no worries — just create a new and different shape. It’ll surely be unique and one-of-a-kind!

Starry Starry Sky

For a fun and dreamy rainbow manicure, try adding some small ethereal details. The silver stars that dot across this multi-hued manicure created a simple and fun accent to an already interesting design. To take it a step further, choose an accent nail for a gradient design (like the orange to yellow shown in the picture) before dotting some silver glitter polish in random spots. We’re sure you’ll end up smiling whenever you get a glimpse of these nails.

All Lined Up

While brightening up your day, this rainbow manicure also plays with texture and colour. Different coloured nail powders were used for the rainbow detail while a metallic polish was used as a base. It’s better to keep the other nails pretty minimal to let the splash of colours be the focus of this manicure. Even though this is a tricky design to replicate, you should definitely give it a try if you have the tools at home. 

Rainbow Magic

If you prefer a wide variety of fun designs, you can do a different interpretation of a rainbow on each nail.  A colour wheel, a rainbow bridge, or a rainbow heart all have a place with this positivity-inducing manicure. To achieve this, opt for nail polishes with a regular finish and a glossy top coat to seal in your work of art. Get ready for an afternoon of painting your nails with this rainbow manicure!

(Cover photo from: @gabriellas_nails)

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