Singaporean Nail Wrap Brand Nodspark To Launch Hair Wraps

It’s a wrap

If you get annoyed by fresh-from-the-shower dripping wet hair soaking your back while you dress up, Nodspark’s new hair wrap is made for you! The upcoming release from the nail wrap brand is definitely a deviation from their usual launches but it’s a welcome surprise.

Woman using Nodspark’s new hair wrap.

Nodspark’s hair wrap is a microfibre towel. (Photo from: @nodspark)

Nodspark Hair Wraps Material, Colours

The Nodspark hair wrap is a quick-dry microfibre towel that will take out excess water from your locks without overdrying them. It promises to not weigh down on your head and cause neck stress. This hair wrap is suited for all hair types and textures.

For best results, Nodspark recommends using it for 20 minutes then blow drying the hair or letting it air dry.

The hair wrap comes in three neutral colours: grey, tan, and brown.

Nodspark Hair Wraps Price, Availability In Singapore

The Nodspark hair wrap will be available on the brand’s website on 25 August at 8PM.

Stay tuned for the price!

(Cover photo from: @nodspark)

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