5 Fun Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

Short but sweet

When it comes to nails, it seems like long, pointy nails are what's preferred.  Although they do have a certain appeal, short nails look just as great. And why not? Aside from gaining popularity like their long-bed sisters, they're also quite practical to wear. They're far from boring either — you just need to know which styles to sport. So ahead, we've rounded up five nail art styles for short nails. 

Negative space

Although it’s cute to see short nails coloured with dark nail polish, know that there’s something quite refreshing about seeing short nail beds kept clear of any colour and designed only with something clean or minimalist. Our go-to will always be the French tip but you can also opt to design short nails with microdots while keeping the nail bed plain.

Two for the show

One of the latest trends in nail art is colouring all nails with one colour scheme and then colouring one nail with a different complementing design. The possibilities are endless for this style.

Reverse French Tip

Here's an oldie but goodie. Colouring the opposite part of the nail tip is still a unique and pretty way to design short nails. To veer away from the negative space version, opt for full colour and some glitter.

Right in the middle

Sometimes, the simples design can give the most impact. Take for instance how this single strip of gold right in the middle of your nails can already deliver drama.

Ombre nails

This is ombre done differently. Take gradient to another level by not just putting it on each nail but making sure that all of your nails also follows the design. You can start off with the darkest shade on your pinky then moving to lighter colours.

(Cover photo from: @betina_goldstein)

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