Low Maintenance Hairstyles For A Fuss-Free Morning Routine

Wash and go

When you’ve got nowhere to go and no one to meet up with, it’s tempting to skip the time-consuming daily chore of shampooing, conditioning, blow-drying and styling your hair in the morning. Putting it up in a messy bun feels like a much more practical choice even though it may not look glamorous. That’s great if you’ve got a hairstyle that’s easy to manage but not so much if you still have “quarantine hair” — overgrown perms, untrimmed dry ends, damaged locks — from putting off salon visits since the pandemic began. If you’re finally thinking of getting a cut, it’s best to go with a low maintenance hairstyle that can be easily managed at home. Here are some glam low maintenance hairstyles fit for any face shape.

The edgy look: Pixie cut

If you’re looking for the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle, the pixie cut is it. It shows off your facial features and highlights your outfit — the most effortless statement-making haircut, if you ask us. Haircare in the morning will definitely be a breeze and you’ll save a lot on shampoo and conditioner.

Perfect for: Anyone who loves experimenting with artistic beauty looks. With a pixie cut, the focus is on your eyes and you’ll be able to showcase intricate makeup looks this way.

For a fresh start: Sleek blunt bob

There’s a reason why sleek blunt bobs are a favourite of K-pop stars who want to refresh their hair after rocking bleached locks. It’s the kind of haircut that’s bold and signals a new beginning for your tresses; out with the damaged ends and in with the new healthy hair. Because it grows straight, you won’t be experiencing an awkward phase if you plan to grow it.

Perfect for: Those who have thin or damaged hair. It’s also a great choice for anyone who plans on booking only a few salon visits a year. To give your look more flair, you can opt to have blunt bangs as well.

A safe choice: The classic lob

While the choppy, shorter “cool-girl” bob is notoriously high maintenance, its understated sister, the classic lob, is much, much more manageable. There’s also more flexibility when it comes to length. You can have your hair end just below the chin or keep it as long as the upper part of the collarbone. You won’t need to do any special regimen to maintain it, just the regular washing and conditioning. Overall, it’s a safe haircut choice that you’re not likely to regret.

Perfect for: Those who have thick hair and want a short haircut. If you have thick hair, a lob is a better choice for you than a blunt bob because the latter may make your hair too volume-heavy at the top causing a “poofy” look that may be hard to tame. A lob will even out the volume and allow you to still use clips to keep hair neat during days when it’s extra humid. Classic lobs also give you the option to still experiment with hairstyles like curls and crimping.

Keeping it balanced: Midi cut with layers

Not short, not too long — the midi cut is the haircut Goldilocks would approve of. It’s balanced and universally flattering. With a hairstyle like this, you need only to brush it a bit and then you can let your locks just air dry. Although it’s not as showstopping as a pixie or a blunt bob, it’s still a perfect blank canvas that you can build a look on if you want to.

Perfect for: Gals who want a manageable haircut while still maintaining a length that’s enough to achieve different fun stylised hairstyles (like cascading waves, top buns, crown braids and more) for special occasions. A midi cut is also a good choice if you’re transitioning to shorter hair from a long “quarantine hair”.

Simply elegant: Low layers

If you prefer a longer low maintenance hairstyle, a medium-length cut with low layers is a good option. As opposed to regular layers, low layers aren’t prone to losing their shape as they grow. In fact, if you tend to skip salon sessions, a low layer hairstyle can even camouflage split ends as the flick will appear as though it’s just part of the look.

Perfect for: People with thick hair who want to reduce volume a little bit without cutting too much on length.

(Cover photo from: J Lyu via Unsplash)

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