Haircare Tips For Women Who Wear A Hijab

Haircare for your crowning glory

One would assume that hair under a hijab would have a lesser chance of developing damage. In reality, it's quite the opposite. As the hair is covered by fabric for most of the day, the head is more susceptible to produce more sweat and excess oil production, making it easier for bacteria and germs to accumulate. As a result, the scalp tends to feel itchier and get dandruff, all while leaving your locks limp — or worse — with a musty odour. Curious on how to achieve excellent haircare while wearing a hijab? Heed our top tips below!

Carefully choose your shampoo

Hijab Haircare - Choosing the right shampoo

Start with the basics! Your shampoo of choice matters.

While applicable for everyone, hijabi or not, taking extra time to consider your choice of shampoo when you have to cover your crowning glory for the entire day is optimal. Luckily, there are now many shampoos that are made specifically for hijab-wearing women. These products are formulated to help deal with hair problems that often arise in a humid environment, like sweat, odour, and dryness. Making sure that you shop for your right match should be at the top of your list. Aside from being careful about your choice of shampoo, also try to avoid hair care products that tend to make your hair feel heavier or oilier (we're talking hair oils, gels or pomades), as it would just leave your hair feeling sticky, dull, and itchy throughout the day. 

Pre-hijab prep is important

Hijab Haircare - Drying your hair

Say no to damp hair under a hijab!

Next up, make sure your locks are fully dry before putting on your hijab to make sure that the dampness wouldn't mix with sweat. Not only will it help avoid leaving the hair with a musty smell, it also prevents clogging your hair follicles which can lead to an irritated scalp. Using a hairdryer is recommended when in a hurry, but for lesser damage due to heat, air-drying your hair when your schedule permits it is definitely the better solution.

The material of your hijab matters

Hijab Haircare - Choosing the material of your hijab

Cool fabrics, cool colours.

Now that you're done with your hair prep, the last thing to note is choosing hijab fabrics. Materials like cotton, jersey and crepe are light and cool to wear, making them perfect in allowing ventilation to your covered scalp. Some athleisure brands have also produced sportswear hijabs featuring quick sweat absorption and comfort-for-wear, which help ensure that your scalp doesn't get too sweaty or oily despite doing many activities.

Surprisingly, adjusting the colour of your hijab not just for fashion but also for your hair's health also matters. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors or under the hot sun, avoid dark-coloured hijabs because the colour will absorb more heat. Much like the material of the hijab itself, the lightness of the shade variation you go for isn't only a matter of what's hip and cool, it's also about which helps your hair breathe better.

Unsure on the styling department? Go for whites and beiges than blacks and greys for more formal affairs; meanwhile, choose pastels and muted tones over brights if you're feeling more casual and experimental. Not only does it follow the notes mentioned previously, but it also fits aesthetically better with the year-round heat we experience in our region.

This article first appeared in Clozette Indonesia.

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