Want A New Look? Try These Half Up Hairstyles From K-Dramas

K-dramatic hairstyle

Half-up hairstyles might just be the most versatile of all looks — it might be the trendiest too.  We’ve been seeing them pop up on trending K-dramas these days. They sometimes make an appearance as the go-to look of a busy heroine. But these simple hairstyles can also be styled in a glamorous or dainty way, adorned with pretty ribbons and other accessories. Want to try one? Take inspiration from the half-up hairstyles of these K-drama heroines.

For a soft look: Seo Dal-mi’s half-up hairstyle with blunt bangs

You may think that an ambitious woman who dreams of becoming South Korea's Steve Jobs will sport a hairstyle that’s fierce or polished but Start-Up’s Seo Dal-mi breaks that convention with her half-up hairstyle that features soft blunt bangs. To get this look, you need a small claw clip to hold the upper half of your hair and blow-dry your bangs with a round brush to get that nice soft wispy look.

Makeup look to pair it with: Seo Dal-mi pairs her soft half-up hairstyle with a muted makeup look. Mimic her beauty style by doing a subtle version of the fox eye makeup featuring a barely-there eyeshadow in neutral shades. Then, pick a gradient lip colour to finish off this Seo Dal-mi look.

For an elegant take: Ko Moon-young’s middle-part half-up hairstyle

Middle part hairstyles have become one of the trendiest hairstyles right now thanks in part to the TikTok beauty community. But before all the craze started, Ko Moon-young of It's Okay to Not Be Okay already proved that it’s a gorgeous hairstyle. Her take on the middle part hairstyle trend is an elegant combed half-up look with loose waves. Emulate her look by carefully parting your hair in half with a narrow tooth comb. Then secure the half-pony with a clip or barrette. Finally, curl the loose ends of your hair.

What beauty look to pair: Elegance is the essence of every Ko Moon-young look. Match this sophisticated middle-part hairstyle with full brows and a bold red lip.

For busy bees: Chae Song-Hwa’s bob half-up look

Look as good as Hospital Playlist’s Chae Song-hwa with her signature easy and neat bob half-up look. No hairstyle perfectly suits her busy schedule and likeable personality better than this one. It’s low maintenance yet still looks professional. All you need to do to have this no-frills hairstyle is get a bob with long side-swept bangs. Then you just need a claw clip or hair tie to hold up the upper half of your hair.

What beauty look to pair: This polished hairstyle pairs well with a fresh beauty look like Chae Song-hwa’s. Start with a hydrating foundation for a dewy base. Then, swipe some colour on your cheeks with a cream blush in peach or pink. Top off your beauty look with a subtle lip tint.

For an understated look: Kim Myeong-hee’s sleek half-up hairstyle

Kind and resilient Kim Myeong-hee from Youth of May wears a straightforward sleek half-up hairstyle that matches her dreamy vintage outfits. As the young breadwinner for her family, she doesn’t have much time and money to spend on primping. Even so, her simple default hairstyle still carries an air of understated elegance. How to get this sleek half-up look? The key is in keeping your locks pin-straight. If you already have straight hair, then you just need a quick blow-dry to achieve this look. For those with curly hair, you may need to spend more time ironing your locks (or you can try the other gorgeous half-up hairstyles). Once the look is set, simply pin the upper half of your hair and leave some loose strands on the side to frame your face.

What beauty look to pair: Kim Myeong-hee appears to wear this hairstyle with a no-makeup makeup look. However, you can also take advantage of its simplicity and pair it with a more dramatic eye makeup which will inevitably stand out when matched with this hairstyle.

For those who like it dainty: Kang Da-jeong’s voluminous half-up

You Are My Spring’s dreamy aesthetic will fool you into thinking that this is a heart-lighted drama and it may take you by surprise to know that it revolves around a murder. Just like the show, heroine Kang Da-jeong also appears to be innocent with her cheery outfits and quirky persona but soon we find out that she has a dark side to her. Shady business aside, if you’re a fan of her dainty hairstyle, you can achieve it by getting soft blunt bangs and curling your hair for more volume. If you already have wavy or curly hair, simply tie the upper half with a scrunchie then lightly comb your locks.

What beauty look to pair: Kang Da-jeong pairs this dreamy hairstyle with a makeup look that subtly highlights the eyes and lips. To achieve this, match the colour of your eyeshadow and lip colour. What shade to use? Try what Kang Da-jeong likes and go for muted tones and coral shades.

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