Great Haircare Lines From Non-Haircare Brands You Need To Know

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Good haircare items can be found everywhere. While there are a lot of haircare brands already dedicated to making your locks as lusciously healthy as possible, many makeup and skincare brands actually have nice haircare lines in their collection. After all, your haircare routine should be as strict as your skincare. This isn’t just our personal opinion; for a while now, hair experts have been advocating for treating the scalp as the extension of your face, emphasising the need for using appropriate products for your specific hair type and concerns. So with that in mind, we’ve listed below some brands that have good haircare lines you should check out soon — just in case you didn’t already know about them. 

Drunk Elephant

Did you hear about the hype on Drunk Elephant’s new haircare line? The entire range was made with Chris McMillan, hairstylist to celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger. The pioneer products include a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in spray, and scalp scrub that translates Drunk Elephant’s skincare philosophies into haircare: restoring health to your strands from the scalp to the root to the ends. The range is currently available in Singapore and Malaysia through Sephora.

What caught our eye: The Cocomino™ Glossing Shampoo. Its formula is chockful of antioxidants and fatty acid-rich oils such as sacha inchi seed, marula and argan, and a blend of multi-amino acids that all serve to moisturise your hair without weighing it down. Glossy strands are just a few washes away.


Yes, skincare-favourite Kiehl’s also has a haircare range. Several variants of shampoos and conditioners take up a bulk of the line, but they also have hair serums, leave-in treatments, and hair oils to treat various concerns.

What caught our eye: The intriguing Magic Elixir. This potent hair reconstructing concentrate has a powerful blend of natural oils that immediately rebalances the moisture in your hair and scalp. Use it as a pre-treatment before shampoo and conditioner to maintain your hair’s health. The extra step may just be what your hair needs to really shine.


K-beauty also has contenders for skincare brands with haircare lines, one of which is innisfree. They have shampoos, conditioners, oil serums, and hair mists for different hair types and concerns such as oily scalps and weak hair. And, of course, all of these are made with tried and tested K-beauty ingredients you love. 

What caught our eye: The My Hair Recipe Strength Tonic Essence proves that essences are not just for skincare. Spray it on newly cleansed scalp to promote circulation and strengthen the hair roots. Like the rest of innisfree’s product range, the essence was made with Jeju-native ingredients, specifically, components from Jeju-native pine, cedar and cypress trees that help relieve scalp stress.

Sephora Collection

Beauty retailer Sephora has a personal collection of wallet-friendly options for your crowning glory too. Their aerosol-free dry shampoo saves you from flat hair days with its dermatologically tested volumising formula. It also absorbs excess sebum so you can easily style your hair. For an overnight hair miracle, use their hair sleeping mask to make your tresses softer and more supple.

What caught our eye: You should definitely try the Dragonfruit Hair Sleeping Mask. Made to be used on dry hair, the dragonfruit variant protects your hair from external pollutants while amplifying the healthy shine of your mane.

shu uemura

Another cosmetic and skincare brand with a haircare line that you definitely need to check out is shu uemura. While known worldwide for their topnotch makeup items and the cult-favourite cleansing, they also have professional-grade haircare products under the Shu Uemura Art of Hair range. If you dye your hair religiously, they have a special collection geared towards maintaining the lustre of colour-treated hair. And aside from the vast collection of shampoos and conditioners, they also have hair essences, oils, serums, and the like to further restore life back into dry or damaged hair.

What caught our eye: Check out the Shu Uemura Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Shampoo if you need a little assistance in maintaining the vibrancy of your coloured hair. This unisex shampoo is infused with musk rose oil and Goji berry extracts that strengthen hair fibres and keep hair colour from fading. It’ll be just like you stepped out of the salon!

(Cover photo from: @innisfreesingapore)

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