Grammy Darling Billie Eilish's Daring Hair Colours: A Recap

Neon green on the red carpet

Singer-song writer Billie Eilish did not just win five Grammys last night — she also won the red carpet with neon green hair. Wearing an oversize black bowling shirt and matching baggy trousers, the 18-year-old defied the norm for female celebrities who typically show up in pretty frocks. All-year-round though, her crowning glory is a canvas for bold hair colours. Here are some of our favourites. 

Neon green roots

As mentioned, the most recent hair colour Billie sported was neon green for the 2020 Grammy Awards. The hue reminds one of the Nickelodeon signature slime, but cooler. We’re used to the almost-conventional coloured ends, but right at the roots? As Miranda Priestly would say (sans the sarcastic), groundbreaking.

Dark teal blue

Billie was way ahead of Pantone in declaring classic blue as the colour of the year. In 2019, Billie sported dark teal tresses. It was so dark it looked black. She would often go for a monochromatic look by wearing something blue during performances. This was an understated but very playful colour, perfect for the budding talent that Billie contains.

Light teal blue

Prior to her dark teal moment, Billie had a lighter hair colour. A younger, more playful sister to her dark teal, the muted teal blue flatters her fair skin tone. It's certainly daring, as such a light colour would turn heads in a crowd. But Billie commands enough attention both onstage and off, no colourful tresses required.

Dark silver

This is probably the most “conventionally unconventional” colour Billie has sported in the last two years. Cool tones (in every sense of the word) are certainly her style. This was just a precursor to the more experimental hair colours she would eventually try.

Light brown

Surprise! Here’s a hair colour that was totally out of the blue. Did you know Billie donned light brown tresses as recent as 2019? Nope, it wasn’t a permanent colour switch. She wore a wig for her “xanny” video, released late last year. Needless to say, people were pleasantly surprised to see the teenager sporting a normal hair colour.

(Cover photo from: @billieeilish)

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