Spice Up Your French Manicure With Colour And Glitter

Glitz and glam

When we think about French manicures, it’s all about the pink base colour and white tips. While it's eternally trés chic, sometimes you want to spice things up. If you’re not the type to go for the more outrageous nail art that uses jewels and decals, you could always amp your usual up a notch; go for more subdued options to add variety and fun to your mani. Here are ways you can make your next French manicure a lil’ more lively.

Techni-coloured tips

Breakaway from white and go for coloured tips. You can go for a single, solid colour or you can also try going for minimalist rainbow nails. Play with the finish — matte, glossy or metallic polish. There are also some see-through versions of coloured tips that use acrylic nails. 


Want some bling? Some glittered tips would be the way to go. While they won’t be as eye-catching as multiple-coloured French tip, this is a more sophisticated yet playful way to do your nails. You can put it on all your nails or just have it as an accent.

Ombre posh

If you’re a fan of the classic French manicure, this is its more artistic sister. The white tips blend seamlessly into the blush pink base colour. This looks more like watercolour than the usual stark contrast between base colours and tip accents. It’s a very pretty rendition to a classic.

Abstract art

Turning the French manicure on its axis (or a little sideways) can make it more like abstract art. Instead of having the tips go straight across, create some diagonal lines from the middle or corner of your nail. This is also a great opportunity to do some colour-blocking by using two shades in the same colour family or contrasting hues. Or you can just draw some thin lines that change positions on each nail.

Printed tips

Love to play with prints? Take it a step further by placing prints on your nails. Youthful patterns like polka dots play with negative space while the bolder (and dare we say, wilder) prints such as zebra will definitely start a conversation.

(Cover photo from: @jenny.jennys)

Here are some fun nail art ideas you can do even with short nails.

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