BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wears The Trendy ‘90s Colourful Gradient Nails

It’s colour galore

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has served us various nail art inspirations that are bold but wearable, and these new ‘90s colourful gradient nails are no exception.

Nail Art featuring bright nail polish

BLACKPINK’s Lisa shows off her new nail art. (Photo from: @lalalalisa_m)

The 25-year-old rapper showed off her latest retro-inspired nail look in an Instagram Story. Her digits sport a gradient look that features dreamy translucent shades including pearly blue, cherry red, raspberry pink, zest orange, fresh green and baby pink. One finger stands out among the rest with its eye-catching two-toned lime and aquamarine palette.

When compared to Lisa’s previous nail art, such as the extra-long pink square-shaped claws she wore in 2020, her newly dressed talons are much easier to maintain with their nice oval shape and medium length.

The artist behind the art? None other than celebrity nail artist Park Eunkyung, also known by her pseudonym Unistella.

Another take of the ‘90s Colourful Gradient Nails by Unistella.

Unistella has a long relationship with BLACKPINK and has worked with the K-pop girl band for various nail projects. Remember Lisa’s ice cream-themed nails for the Ice Cream music video with Selena Gomez? Yup, that’s made by Unistella!

Spot Lisa’s nail art!

Now that Lisa is rocking another stunning nail art, could this mean that a music video is already in the works for BLACKPINK’s reported upcoming comeback? We certainly hope so.

(Cover photo from: @lalalalisa_m)

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