A Look Back At Ariana Grande’s Hair Journey

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This just in: Ariana Grande's signature ponytail has left the building. Well, not completely. She just upgraded it to a set of high pigtails instead. It's the latest look from the pop singer who isn't one to make permanent hairstyle changes (though she does always go back to her iconic Ariana Grande hair look of a slick-backed high ponytail). But it's safe to say she's had her fair share of hair experiments. Let’s take a look at some of her most iconic hairstyles throughout the years, from the most recent and all the way back to her Nickelodeon days.

Blonde pigtails

Starting off with the most recent hairstyle she's sported, Ariana surprised us all by posting two selfies sans ponytail. Long blonde hair extensions were gathered in tight pigtails at the top of her head. While we're not sure if this would be a permanent fixture in the list of Ariana Grande hairstyles, it's certainly a welcome change. It seems like the Internet agrees, with her most recent post garnering over 10 million likes in under a day.

How to do it: If you don't want to get extensions, skip it and go for some hairspray and a hair curler instead. Apply some hair spray at the roots of your hair and use a fine-toothed comb to pull your hair back into the pigtails. Wrap a small section of the hair around the hair tie to cover it up. Then, use the hair curler at the base (where you tied it) to add some volume.

Pink space buns

The Ariana Grande hair throwback continues with her bedazzled pink space buns in the 7 Rings music video. A lot of bling and pink going on, but it was certainly appropriate for the theme. Space buns have been another go-to look for the singer, after her signature high ponytail.

How to do it: Have someone assist you, since this will take some muscle work. Start off by making two sleek pigtails at the high points of your head. Then, carefully wrap the hair around the base, securing it with bobby pins and hairspray at the end.

Platinum blonde

Do blondes really have more fun? We can't say for certain, but we do know that Ariana Grande had a sweet time going blonde during her Focus and Sweetener eras. Her Focus cover art was just a wig, which she eventually had celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton dye platinum blonde for her Sweetener album.

How to do it: Don't want to take the risk with some DIY hair bleaching? Take your cue from Ariana and order a blonde wig instead!

Silver grey strands

Ariana Grande's hair colour mostly stays within the realm of browns and caramels, but she’s also unafraid to experiment with the lighter greys and blondes. Though it looks a little lavender-ish in this pic, the grey hair was just a precursor to her upcoming looks.

How to do it: It will take a bit to lighten Asian hair enough to reach the right tone, so it's best to consult a professional hairstylist on this one.

A full fringe

Folks, we can't forget about the time Ari switched it up and donned a full fringe for a hot minute. While some people immediately regret going with this look, Ari managed to rock it with ease during her Dangerous Woman tour.

How to do it: Also interested in making the leap? Here's our guide for acing a full fringe.

The Ariana Grande ponytail

Shedding the image of her Nickelodeon years, Ariana set off on a journey of reinventing herself through her hair. The only Ariana Grande hairstyle that managed to stay consistent over the years, as Ari herself poked fun of in a previous Instagram post, has people noticing immediately whenever she changes it up.

How to do it: According to Chris Appleton, it involves a lot of hair spray. But to make it easier to DIY, flip your head over and secure your hair with two elastic hair ties — one a little higher than the other —at the crown of your head.

Burgundy red hair

Perhaps the hair that started it all, Ariana's burgundy hair is locked in our memories forever. Who can forget the loveable and special Cat Valentine? Throughout the four seasons of Nickelodeon's Victorious, as well as the spin-off Sam & Cat, Ariana Grande's hair colour was so bright and eye-catching, capturing the bubbly personality of her character.

How to do it: No better way than to talk with your go-to hairstylist! The exact hair colour might not show up the same on you but it's worth a try if you really want to try an out-of-the-box hair colour. If you want a semi-permanent option, this Bloody Red hue from Hairpaint MNL comes close.

Which of Ariana Grande's hairstyles and colours was your favourite?

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