Here's Why You Need A Skincare Routine For Your Underarms

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Did you know that the skin on our armpits is just as sensitive — if not more sensitive — than that on our face? It’s true! Plus, our hygiene and cleaning habits, such as the hair removal process we use and the deodorants we put on also affect its colour and more. Which makes us ask: Are you giving the skin you have there the same loving you give your face? If not, it’s time to rethink it. Ahead, we share why you need a skincare routine for your underarms.

They need gentle cleaning

While we do wash our underarms with soap when we shower or take a bath, it’s worth noting that they need a little more gentleness. So removing the remnants of the day with the help of a gentle cleanser is important. After that, make sure you don’t wipe it off dry and instead use patting motions with your towel.

They need balanced pH

The same way the skin on your face has pH levels, the skin on the underarms have them as well. And while a pH imbalance in the area may not lead to acne like on the face, it can make it become a breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria. So make sure you maintain the area’s pH balance after cleansing with the help of a toner.

Underarms need special care.

They need to have renewed skin

We clean that part of our body but with our use of deodorants, there’s bound to be product build-up. Counter this by making sure you reveal renewed skin in the area through exfoliation. But instead of scrubs that have beads — remember those? — opt for gentler options that work just as well.

They need extra lovin’

Like the skin on the face, you need to moisturise the one on the underarms in order to keep it soft and smooth. But in some cases, you need to help it a bit more. With the things we do daily, the underarms are prone to rub together and that motion can lead to it being darker than you’d want. So if it needs a bit of brightening, we say give it extra care.

For armpits you’ll be more than confident to raise anytime and anywhere, follow exfoliation with an effective brightening cream like the HimeCoto Shiro Waki Hime Night Pack. Made with water-soluble placenta extract, it prevents underarm discolouration and brightens marks that are already there. It also has artichoke extract and vitamin E that moisturise the skin.

Use the HimeCoto Shiro Waki Hime Night Pack regularly

Plus, it also has Glycyrrhizin Acid 2k that soothes the skin, especially after shaving or waxing.

Simply apply a layer of the cream on your armpits and leave it on overnight. Et voila! You’ll wake up to underarms that are brighter and smoother. Plus, you can use it on other parts of the body that you feel need some brightening, too, like the knees or elbow. It’s definitely a multi-tasking product that gives multiple results.

The HimeCoto Shiro Waki Hime Night Pack is available in all SaSa Malaysia outlets.

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