Here’s How Shiseido Empowers Those With Serious Skin Concerns At Its Life Quality Beauty Center

A calming beauty sanctuary

Learning to love the skin you’re in is a process. If you’ve witnessed visible changes in your appearance after undergoing cancer treatment or are still learning to embrace your vitiligo, wounds and scars, you may find it even more challenging to regain your beauty confidence.

But you can take your power back, such as by embracing the wonders of makeup.

Entrance of Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center Singapore

The Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center Singapore.

More than just a tool that transforms your outer beauty, the right makeup can give you a self-esteem boost to conquer the day’s challenges.

Enter the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center with its specialised Perfect Cover makeup range, which is designed to empower and support those with serious skin concerns. Read on to learn more.

What is the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center about?

Overview of different skin concerns such as discolouration, birthmarks at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center Singapore

The Center supports those with serious skin concerns, such as vitiligo, scars and discolouration due to cancer treatments.

Shiseido understands that those who suffer from serious skin problems often undergo a painful and exhausting process to cover up their skin problems. In response to these needs, Shiseido established its Life Quality Beauty Center to provide a holistic experience for them by offering private consultation and introducing the specialised Perfect Cover makeup range.

Following a minimalist yet cosy interior theme, the Center provides a safe and comfortable environment for them to speak privately with specialised beauty consultants from Shiseido. It supports those who wish to address their serious skin concerns, such as vitiligo, burn marks, scars, birthmarks or discolouration due to cancer treatment.

Beyond a 'lesson’ in makeup, the brand hopes this dedicated experience encourages these individuals to uncover their true selves and find the strength to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Two rooms available at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center Singapore

The Center has two spacious individual rooms for private consultations.

Shiseido’s purpose in empowering people with serious skin concerns through makeup began in 1956. It wanted to alleviate the emotional pain that individuals were going through due to their post-war skin and appearance concerns, such as burn marks and scars. With this in mind, it successfully developed its “Shiseido Spots Cover” foundation.

The brand has spent over half a century researching and developing professional-grade makeup to address these serious skin concerns. Since then, Shiseido has evolved its Spots Cover foundation to the current “Perfect Cover” dedicated makeup range provided by five Life Quality Beauty Centers to deliver a holistic experience for its customers.

The Singapore Center is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and is situated at Frasers Tower, while the four other centers are located in Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Visiting the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center

One of the room situated within the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center Singapore

The Center beauty consultation is tailored to each individual’s skin concerns.

The Center’s dedicated beauty consultation is only available by appointment. The experience starts with registering your interest, sharing your skin concerns and making an appointment through their website.

Through the tailored experience, you will pick up useful techniques for applying the relevant Perfect Cover products to your face with the help of a specialised Shiseido beauty consultant. The beauty consultant will help to select the right shade of products for you and you will get to try out these products for yourself too.

The experience concludes with you receiving a customised ‘makeup plan’ that best suits your skin concerns and lifestyle. You are also welcome to purchase any of the Perfect Cover products from the Centre if you wish to add them to your makeup routine. 

What’s noteworthy about the Perfect Cover makeup range?

Shiseido Perfect Cover makeup range caters to serious skin concerns

Left - The Perfect Cover range. Right - Applying the Foundation Multi Cover (MC).

The Perfect Cover range boasts a clean beauty formulation and is safe for use on men, women and even children. Plus, they are dermatologist-approved and non-comedogenic too.

The range features two types of foundation products — one is made for various skin tones while the other is especially for vitiligo. The Foundation Multi Cover (MC) is a solid foundation that offers exceptional coverage for a wide range of skin tones.

Available in nine shades, it expertly covers uneven skin surfaces; addresses skin discolouration, and contains SPF 30 PA +++ protection to shield the skin against UV damage. It is also waterproof and transfer-resistant.

Shiseido Perfect Cover makeup range

Left - The Perfect Cover Oil Cleansing, Foundation Vitiligo Cover and Powder MV. Right - The Perfect Cover Foundation Multi Cover.

Meanwhile, the Foundation Vitiligo Cover (VC) is a liquid foundation that helps to cover and mask vitiligo parts and thus, allows its user to achieve a more even-looking skin tone. It provides up to 12 hours of wear and contains SPF 18 PA +++ protection as well.

In addition to the two foundation products, the Perfect Cover range also features a Loose Powder that you can use as the last step in your makeup routine as well as a Cleansing Oil (the Perfect Cover Oil Cleansing) to effortlessly remove your makeup.

The loose powder provides the skin with a long-lasting finish; applies like a thin veil and is also sebum-, sweat- and friction-resistant. The cleansing oil boasts powerful capabilities to dissolve foundation products and is formulated with moisturising ingredients to keep the skin feeling smooth and supple.

How to book an appointment at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center

Looking to book an appointment at the Shiseido Life Quality Center in Singapore? Head over to their official website to register your interest. The website also provides details about the Center’s specialised beauty consultation and the Perfect Cover makeup range.

Book your appointment at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center today, which opens on Tuesdays at two time slots: 10AM and 3PM.

This story was created in partnership with Shiseido.

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