Look Ahead With This CNY 2021 Gift Guide

Famous content creator Chichi’s recommendations

When it comes to giving our loved ones gifts, there’s no such thing as “too early.” After finishing your Christmas list, might we interest you in looking just a tiny bit ahead and start planning for Chinese New Year too? Instead of things that are fleeting, we suggest you look even further into the future when gifting. 

Chinese content creator ChiChi

Chinese content creator ​Chichi — who has 3,710,000 followers on Weibo and has been named one of the top 10 most influential bloggers on the website —​ thinks the same. The beauty blogger‚ whose interesting and colourful makeup looks has not only garnered her an audience but also caught the eyes of major local and international beauty brands — has a different idea for a present for the Lunar New Year.

“Everyday efforts shape your future, so I think that it’s important to keep my skin in good condition. As a beauty blogger in my 20s, I often apply makeup and then remove it several times a day, so the barrier function of my skin declines, often resulting in dryness and redness,” she said. This is exactly what​ KANEBO’s new skincare addresses — and why it’s the perfect Chinese New Year gift not just for the ladies in your life but just about everyone you know.

A gift for your skin future 

KANEBO New Skincare

KANEBO’s new skincare range was created with the concept of “Life Intelligence,” which uses technology created based on the structure and functions of the skin, making it universal when it comes to harnessing the potential of skin — it’s like taking two steps forward for your skin, no matter your age, gender and individuality. And that’s just it: two steps — first the KANEBO On Skin Essence V, then the KANEBO Cream In Day or Night — are all you need to achieve beautiful skin transformation. This streamlined tech-powered routine is as good as using several products, saving you time, money and energy.

KANEBO On Skin Essence V

All the products come in a sleek black bottle that would look great on anyone’s vanity — all ages and all genders.

The gift of adapting to change 

KANEBO On Skin Essence V texture

With the ​On Skin Essence V​, you’re giving your loved ones the gift of adapting to change. This essence, inspired by humans’ ability to the environment, forms a veil on the skin so that moisture is locked and your skin’s barrier remains strong. It also gives your skin radiance and softness. “On Skin Essence V, which blends well into the skin with its smooth texture, brings me hope that it can help improve my skin condition,” said Chichi of this essence. Its milky texture is also good for all skin types because it can hydrate dry skin enough but isn’t sticky enough to be troublesome for those with combination skin, making it perfect even if you don’t know the skin type of your giftee.

The gift of waking up to great skin days 

KANEBO Cream In Night

Let your loved one wake up to great skin with the help of ​KANEBO Cream In Night​, which helps to hydrate and boost your skin’s energy as you sleep. This leaves you waking up to a great skin day every morning. “By using this night cream after removing makeup at night, my skin feels revitalised with moisture in the next morning. Also, I find my skin is comfortable to the touch with suppleness when applying makeup,” Chichi said of her experience with the night cream.

KANEBO Skincare Range

The addition of the ​KANEBO Cream In Day​ is also great in giving your loved ones a revitalised and protected complexion — confidence-boosting and long-lasting.

Prepare your gifts for your loved ones for CNY now. Get KANEBO’s new skincare products here.

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