3 Fun Ways To Add Zest To Your Days During The Circuit Breaker

Brighten up with NIVEA

While we're lucky and happy to be able to stay safely and comfortably at home, things can admittedly get quite repetitive. Looking to inject your every day with a swig of motivation? Here are three ways to add zest to your routine while at home.

Kickstart with a boost of happy hormones and replenish skin's moisture

We know — the thought of exercising can be quite daunting especially during this time. But aside from actually needing to do it because it helps boost your immune system, doing your favourite fitness routine ​helps release endorphins​, a.k.a. happy hormones. Look forward to breaking a sweat at home! But don't forget to take care of your skin still. Make sure you moisturise after taking a shower following your fitness session and indulge in giving your skin the hydrating and nourishing goodness of ​NIVEA Extra White C&E Vitamin Lotion​.

Liven up with a surge of freshness 

Refresh your palate and your mind with a quick orange juice fix — not to mention boost your immune system while you're at it too. Packed with vitamin C, this yummy treat is great for keeping your skin looking bright and fresh as well. The same antioxidant-rich vitamin — 50x of it! — can be found in the NIVEA Extra White C&E Vitamin Lotion that protects your skin from damage and helps even out your skin tone to reveal your natural radiance.

Take extra care of your skin

Believe it or not, taking care of your skin is great for boosting your confidence and making you happy, ​according to the Asian Journal of Beauty & Cosmetology​. The NIVEA Extra White C&E Vitamin Lotion, with its 10 in 1 skin benefits — whitens, repairs, nourishes with concentrated vitamin E, hydrates, smooths, evens out, gives radiance, promotes elasticity, and protects from sun damage, plus contains antioxidants — packed in a light formula that gets quickly absorbed by the skin gives you the boost you need. It's the perfect way to perk up your day ​and ​your complexion.

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