Horticultural Therapy in Singapore? Learn More About This Mental Health Advocate’s Unique Wellness Journey

From therapy to wellness

GET WELL SOON is a three-episode series that uncovers unique and extraordinary wellness spaces and experiences in Singapore.

“Mental wellness is important because what the mind experiences, the body follows,” remarked Faz Gaffa-Marsh. Faz founded My Safe Sphere following the first anniversary of her father’s passing as she wanted to build an inclusive community that’ll help end the stigma surrounding mental health. Having worked at a crisis hotline for two years as well as experienced firsthand the pain of losing a loved one, she’s no stranger to lending her ear to those in need. However, beyond that, she’s listening to her needs too by participating in wholesome wellness experiences that speak to her heart.

Watch this video to discover three unique wellness destinations in Singapore that are waiting to be discovered by wellness seekers. Then, learn more about each of these experiences below.

Episode 3: From Therapy To Wellness

Discover Asian recipes at Cookery Magic

Being present in the moment when you feed your body with different foods is a meaningful self-care act in itself. Meanwhile, mindful cooking invites you to engage your senses and helps to build patience and self-awareness. Re-create the signature tastes of Singapore at Cookery Magic, a cooking classic conducted in the home of a local. Cookery Magic is run by Ruqxana Vasanwala, a former engineer turned chef who welcomes food lovers to try their hand at whipping up authentic dishes found in Asia. Relish these experiences that motivate you to improvise and be in control of life’s 'uncontrollables'.

Discover Asian recipes at Cookery Magic

Cookery Magic

(117 Fidelio St, Singapore 458492)

Smash your stress away at The Fragment Room

There are many creative ways to work off tension — channelling your rage and frustrations into smashing objects at The Fragment Room in Singapore is one of them! The Fragment Room is the first ‘rage room’ in Southeast Asia and it encourages you to involve your entire self in the physical act of breaking things. Go wild and let your body naturally release mood-enhancing serotonin from this sweat-breaking sesh! Just don’t forget to put on your protective gear before doing so. Fun fact: The breakable objects available here are sourced from a rag-and-bone man, otherwise known as karang guni in Malay and Singlish (Singapore and English).

Asia's first Rage Room: The Fragment Room

The Fragment Room

(490 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368198)

Horticultural therapy at Sprout Hub

Harvesting the Earth’s green creations with your hands promotes healing and improves your stress hormone levels. Stay grounded and become a part of Singapore’s neighbourhood eco-conscious collective at Sprout Hub, which is located along Henderson Road. This urban farming destination also houses other establishments to foster community building and boasts a variety of unique, nature-led features for city souls to seek refuge from.

Urban farming and community building at City Sprouts, Sprout Hub

Sprout Hub at City Sprouts

(102 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159562)

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