Singaporean Travellers Are Hopping On These Top 4 Trends In 2024

Travel is life

Travel allows us to breathe and press the pause button on our hectic lives. It also lets us explore and learn something new outside the four corners of our world. If you’re dreaming of gaining the best travel experiences in 2024, check out some of online travel agency’s top trends favoured by Singapore-based travellers.'s 2024 Travel Trends

What’s on your travel bucket list for 2024?

Top travel trends in 2024

1. Personal retreats

Has 2023 taken you on a roller coaster ride? Then, consider going on a reboot retreat. This trend among travellers is rooted in self-improvement before going to the life they truly want. One of the ways to hop on this trend is to go on a “sleep retreat”. 67% of Singapore-based travellers are motivated to travel just to gain uninterrupted shut-eye.

You can also go on a “silent travel” which lets you break away from your overstimulated brain. It’s centred on mindfulness and lets you take a break at secluded nature resorts, quiet hotels, silent walking tours, and even silent music experiences.

2. Plan-free travels

Plan-free travel trend

If I go there's just no telling how far I'll go.

If you’re brave enough to challenge yourself by going into the unknown in 2024, then you might fall in love with the beauty of going on a plan-free journey. You can book a surprise trip where everything is a mystery until arrival, travel with strangers, or venture off the beaten path. According to, more than half of Singaporeans who answered the survey would also now trust the power of AI to plan a trip for them.

This trend offers you the flexibility to cancel and change plans or use “buy now, pay later” deals.

3. Budget-friendly destinations and itineraries

As prices go up, more Singaporeans are keen on taking advantage of money-saving hacks and luxe-for-less vacations. Picture this: you book a day pass at a five-star hotel instead of staying the night.

This trend also allows you to pick destinations where the cost of living is less expensive than in your hometown. These include Bangkok, Johor Bahru, and Kuala Lumpur.

4. Food-focused trips

Food-focused travel trend

Indulge and discover new delicious treasures.

This trend is a win for all foodies. 80% of the Singaporean travellers surveyed by are hoping to try indigenous cuisines in 2024. More people are also on the lookout for immersive vacations in which you’ll dive deep into the origins of a destination’s must-eat delicacies. You can check out East Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea which are increasingly captivating Singaporean travellers.

In 2024, we’ll also see a rise of restaurateur-owned hotels. One example is the Nobu restaurant which has launched its global hotel brand.

Up for more fresh experiences? You can check out other trends in’s full list here.

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