Easy Barre Workout For Sculpted Arms And Legs

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Had fun with our upbeat barre workout? Here's another one that you can try. It's a two-part video with the first part concentrating on upper body exercises and the second on lower body barre workout. This way, if you only have a few minutes to spare you can just do an "upper body barre workout day" and do the other one the next day. Even though it's in a bite-sized version, it still offers the same benefits, improving strength, flexibility, and balance.

You can substitute a barre for a sturdy chair. If you have hand weights (0.5-1kg) for an extra challenge and some grip socks for better support then all the better. Position the chair at one end of your yoga mat, lay down a towel on the mat if you like and get ready to go. Follow the lead of Barre Labs instructor Nariko Lim in this upper and lower body barre workout for sculpted arms and legs. 

Upper body barre workout

This upper body barre workout consists of simple movements that will exercise your arms, chest and back muscles. If you find it to be too easy, you can always add in hand weights (0.5-1kg) to take your workout to the next level. Like our previous barre workout, there's gonna be a lot of pulsing so expect to get pumped.

Lower body barre workout

For your lower body barre workout, there are lot graceful ballet-inspired movements such as pliés (trivia: it's French for "bend") and passé. Not only will your thighs be exercised but your glutes and even your toes will get some action. 

Workouts are easier to do when they're extra fun. An upbeat barre workout may just be what you need to sustain a regular workout routine. So go on ahead and give this a try!

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