6 Tips For Exercising Safely During The New Normal

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After undergoing self-quarantine at home for months, we're all somehow settling into our new normal lifestyles. Our communities are slowly beginning to get things going once again, all while following the necessary health protocols. With this, tweaking our old habits to fit what the present-day situation calls for is much-needed, especially when we're talking about fitness. 

Pandemic or no pandemic, exercise is a must to ensure that we're living healthily. But the new normal calls for different measures. So for those who plan to start their fitness routines this time around, here are six tips for exercising safely during the new normal. 

Prioritise personal hygiene

Sanitise your equipment

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Before you get started, sanitising your equipment should come first. Clean your equipment before and after use and make sure you also give it a nice cleanse even on days when you don't plan on using it. If you're going to a public space to exercise, make sure you also give the equipment you'll use a generous spritz of alcohol to somehow disinfect it. Wear training gloves for extra protection if you must!

Keep your distance

Social distancing when exercising

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We repeat: social distancing is still a thing! Even if in some parts of the region, exercising in shared spaces are now recommencing, make sure you still observe proper distancing measures. Avoid busy locations or cramped spaces when necessary and if you can, just continue to exercise at home in the meantime. We've got some indoor fitness routine guides that are easy to follow even in your living room or bedroom!

Do not wear a mask while exercising

Face mask for exercise

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Wearing masks has become part of our daily routine by now. We can't remind people enough to wear their masks, especially when heading out. But when it comes to exercising, even the World Health Organization (WHO) advised against it. Using a mask during exercise can make it difficult to get oxygen which might lead to you passing out or feeling nauseous. With this, choosing where you exercise (similar to the last point) is key. 

Warm up and cool down

Girl exercising

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This one isn't exactly fresh news to anyone who's had a steady fitness routine before, but if you've taken a break from exercising during the pandemic, then it's worth reminding you of the basics. Make sure you do proper warm-ups and cool-downs before and after you exercise to avoid any muscle injuries. It's extra challenging to be rushed to the hospital given the current health crisis so if you can avoid it by taking note of these extra measures, then all the better, right? 

Pay attention to intensity and duration

Weights for exercise

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We get that you're excited to get back into shape after months of inactivity. But overtraining, especially if your body's been sedentary for a while, is definitely not the way to do it. Take note of your pace and try to keep your routines at three to five times a week until you slowly adjust back to your previous duration. Make sure you also take some much-needed rest after an intensive workout. Lastly, balance things out with a good diet to ensure a holistic approach to health. 

Keep your body hydrated

Water bottle and training shoes

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With masks — and sometimes, face shields — becoming a part of our daily wardrobe, sneaking a bite or a drink can cause all kinds of inconveniences. Even so, it shouldn't prevent you from keeping hydrated, whether you're exercising or not. Maintaining fluids in the body to make sure you replace the ones lost during exercise is key to a well-balanced fitness routine and should all the more be practised even during the new normal.

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