Easy No Equipment Pilates Workout For Sculpted Abs, Thighs & Butt

Work it out

If you're a fan of the sculpted look and wondering how you can achieve it, consider doing quick yet effective Pilates workouts that will exercise key muscles in your body. Instructor Julina Halim demonstrates three no-equipment Pilates workouts for sculpted abs, thighs and butt. Aside from aesthetic benefits, Pilates also helps to improve muscular strength and flexibility when done regularly. 

Each Pilates workout lasts for five minutes and you can easily do it in the morning, during break times or after work. During weekends, you can even do three sets in one sweat session. 

For toning your butt

Tone your glute muscles with this simple Pilates workout. It starts some hip releases and moves on to butt-lifting moves such as squeezes and leg lifts. It's a fun, non-complicated workout that any beginner can follow.

For toning your abs

Almost anyone who's attempted to tone their abs will tell you that commitment is key to achieving good results. This five-minute no-equipment Pilates workout is so easy to do that you won't be tempted to skip. There are none of those intense sit-ups that you dread, this one takes it nice and easy with some smooth roll-ups.

For toning your thighs

Having strong, sculpted thighs doesn't always mean doing a ton of squats that would leave you feeling sore the morning after. Another option would be to go for graceful plié and heel lifts. Subtle as these moves may be, they're effective in keeping thighs toned. 

Start giving your body some love with these no-equipment Pilates workouts!

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