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Getting regular exercise is important for our well-being. When we work out regularly, we're actually giving our minds and bodies the love it needs and deserves. Aside from boosting our moods and reducing risks for major illnesses, this form of self-care pushes us to be more responsible for ourselves. After all, we all know how difficult it is to get up and maintain a routine that physically challenges us. But during these times when we're all confined alone in our homes, what can you do to keep yourself motivated? Ahead, #TeamClozette members share home workout routines they stick to, plus some other tips on keeping fit in quarantine.


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Before, it was hard for Abby to find time to visit yoga studios. So being stuck at home during the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines actually gives her more time to practice yoga more regularly. "Given the current situation, it’s a challenge to cope with stress and anxiety — yoga helps me with that," she shared. Working out helps with her work productivity too. So to motivate her, she uses Daily Yoga, an app that's recommended for beginners looking to set up a routine. It helps her maintain her streak because it operates with a point system where the more you exercise with the app, the more practices are unlocked. But Abby doesn't end her sessions there. After that, she follows routines from Yoga with Adrienne. The YouTube channel has yoga practices to choose from.  "She even has yoga for back pains, cramps, tension relief, etc. — there's everything for whatever you’re feeling!"

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On the other hand, Soo Sin misses going to the gym with her friends, but they still continue to keep fit by checking up on and motivating each other on their fitness progress. For her home workout, Soo Sin tunes into IG Live classes led by fitness instructor Yi Ping Teo. Soo Sin used to attend Yi Ping Teo's booty-popping classes, which were really energising and inspiring, when she was in Malaysia. "She always says, 'Do it for yourself, focus on your goals, focus on your own progression and love your body,'" Soo Sin recounted. Sometimes, she switches it up, however, by incorporating four sets of short Tabata training routines from Allblanc TV in her sessions. Though it's only for four minutes, "it improves stamina, metabolism rate and burn fat at a short amount of time," Soo Sin explained. 


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Similarly, Evon keeps her home workout interesting by mixing up various types of routines. She loves a  good sweat and aches that come with hard work, so Evon always checks out the various live workout classes Lab Studios' owner Jasmine Chong hosts on Instagram. "She teaches different types of classes (Barre, Yoga, or even YoBarre!) every day, thus giving variety," she exclaimed. Because yoga is relaxing and barre can be rigorous, combining the two "[gives] the right balance and rest my body needs," Evon explained. Trying it out with her friends and fam inspires her to push her limits. But to really maintain her streak, she thinks of exercise as work. That way, she drives herself to make an effort on it on weekdays, before finally enjoying a relaxing break on weekends. 


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Like many of us, fitness junkie Sab misses the time she could go out and meet with her friends. "I find it difficult to force myself to workout alone," Sab confessed. "It requires a lot of self-motivation." Still, she got creative and found ways to push herself to maintain her physique during this circuit breaker period in Singapore. "My friends and partner motivate me to do it together via online video call sessions," she shared. For a quick home workout routine, Sab follows this 10-minute abs exercise on YouTube from fitness coach Fraser Wilson. Because Sab's training her core, she found this routine particularly helpful. Aside from enjoying intense HIIT exercises, "I chose abs workout as it burns more fat than other routines," she explained. 


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Likewise, Kersie relies on the internet to keep sane and healthy during safe distancing. She follows this 10-minute full-body HIIT program from Emi Wong's YouTube channel. Kersie made a pact with three of her friends, including Clozette Co-Founder, Cheryl, to do this together via FaceTime so they can motivate each other. "We do this from Monday to Thursday and we just completed five weeks — that's around 20 sessions now," she shared. Despite being challenging, the workout is fast, making it perfect for Kersie and her friends who have a hard time squeezing in exercise in between their busy scheds. They do it at around 8 o'clock in the evening. "It's the best time after work and before we focus on our kids at night," Kersie shared. Sweating it out with her friends makes the difficult routine fun, and she says the pain is all worth it because it made her body feel stronger and more toned.  


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Keeping in mind her goal to increase her muscle mass, Laura still exercises regularly. In order for her home workout routines to not become too repetitive and tedious, Laura changes up the trainings she follows depending on her mood. Her go-to are the hybrid barre routines from the online studio Alo Moves, which currently runs a 14-day free trial. In particular, Laura said she "[loves] doing Adrienne Kimberly’s classes because they're so intense and she is very clear with her instructions." For lazy days, Laura simply clicks on quick and easy tutorials from MadFit on YouTube. And lastly, "I do workouts on the training app F45 Challenge if I feel like I want to die," she laughingly shared. Laura loves to get her heart pumping like crazy, so she does routines that are quite challenging. Still, newbies can try these fun workouts out. "I think anyone can do it. Just pace yourself," she advised.


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Lastly, there's Dhivya who lamented, "now that everything's on hold, it's definitely harder to be motivated especially when you're at home." Prior to the circuit breaker, she did F45 workouts with Laura four to five times a week. But since they currently can't do it together, she continues her routine using the same F45 Challenge app Laura uses. She's subscribed to the training service incorporating various high-intensity techniques, so she's absolutely making the most out of it. Other than that, she also does Chloe Ting's ab workouts.  Regularly doing these explosive workouts, "I've definitely gotten a lot stronger and my endurance has improved quite a bit," Dhivya said, also noting how toned her muscles have become. Starting with small, realistic goals completely helped Dhivya make a habit of exercising. With all this effort, aside from improving her health, of course, there's also the post-quarantine beach bod she looks forward to. 

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