Level Up Your HIIT Workout Routine At Home By Using Socks

Sock it up

You don’t need fancy equipment to elevate your home workout routine. Pull up your socks – literally — and let this quick HIIT routine demonstrated by freelance instructor Elise Teo show you how it's done.

Requiring a tad bit more control to make sure you don’t completely slip as you go about your exercise, socks provide the perfect balance between enabling smoother movement and providing resistance to your lower body activity. From Elvis twists to knee tucks and half-squat leg slide outs, take this hack as both a challenge and a hint of fun for this week’s HIIT routine.

Speaking of using at-home items to incorporate into your indoor workout routine, here’s a nifty way to use your chair for a 15-minute barre routine, too!

From HIIT to yoga, check out our YouTube playlist for more invigorating exercises to try.

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