More Desk Therapy Exercises You Can Do In 5 Minutes Or Less

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Loved our easy bite-sized desk therapy exercises? If so, then you'll be delighted to know that we're back with a new variation to spice things up. You can alternate between the previous desk therapy exercises that we shared and this new one. As always, we'll be concentrating on neck, shoulder, back and hips which are the parts of our body that get strained when we're sitting on our desks and working away on our laptops. 

All you need is your desk and five minutes (or less) to spare. Follow The Better Movement Studio's Pilates Instructor Michelle Lim's easy desk therapy exercises and let's get moving.

For your neck and shoulders

The previous batch of desk therapy exercises focused on neck and upper body stretches, so this time we're gonna do some rotation exercises to make sure joints are also well taken care of. This routine will start with neck rotations and will move on to shoulder and spine movements. 

For your back and hips

While the previous desk therapy exercises were all about the glutes, these new exercises will help you work on your thighs. Begin with a gentle spine, back and hamstring stretch. Then we'll move on to deep squats. Don't worry, it isn't like the usual squat; it's a gentler version where you'll utilise your desk for support. You'll also do some high half toe stretches so you'll be working your body from head to toe.

Don't forget to set a reminder to do these exercises mid-day!

From HIIT to yoga, check out our YouTube playlist for more invigorating exercises to try.

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