Switch Up Your Workout With These Celebrity Fitness Routines

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Though we know regular exercise is highly beneficial to our health, pushing yourself to actually work out can sometimes be quite difficult. Aside from the lack of time, for many, it's the lack of motivation that serves as a huge obstacle to reaching their fitness goals. For those who need a little bit of nudge, ahead, we list down some celebrity fitness routines to give you much-needed fitspo. Perhaps, seeing these inspirational women from Hollywood will prove to you that the effort and sweat are definitely worth it.

Gigi Hadid

When not strutting on the runway, the 24-year-old model enjoys quite the active past-times that keep her body fit. "I was a volleyball player for 12 years, I rode horses my whole life, and now I box every day, " Gigi revealed to People. Cardio is what she relies on to maintain her toned physique, but keeps it fun and interesting by trying out different workouts. To prepare for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show back in 2016, she did cardio-friendly boxing at night and did ballet exercises in the morning.

Kate Middleton

Though she's busy juggling her responsibilities as a royal and a mum of three, the Duchess of Cambridge still maintains a healthy lifestyle. A source told Daily Mail that, like her sister Pippa, Kate is an exercise junkie who enjoys activities like swimming, tennis, rowing, and more. She always finds time to workout despite her busy schedule. When in Norfolk, she sets aside time to jog or cycle with her sister. She also incorporates cardio and weights in her daily fitness routine and can even hold planks for 45 seconds or more before repeating it 10 times. And the most incredible of all — she manages all that without a personal trainer.

Brie Larson

Another celebrity fitness routine that will inspire you to work it all out is Brie Larson's. To prepare for her role as Captain Marvel last year, Brie undertook an intensive training. The List, and Brie herself, through her IG posts, shared the strength-building fitness routine that prepared her muscles for the super-role. She pushed a 5,000-pound Jeep, did push-ups with heavy chains as added weight, advanced hip thrusts with barbells, pull-ups and more. Is it safe to try this? Sure, if you want to. Just make sure you're guided by a personal trainer so you don't abruptly transition to these intense exercises, then it should be all fine.

Jenna Dewan

Along with maintaining a healthy diet, actress Jenna Dewan tries to squeeze in as much workout as she can every day. "I love 45-minute power workouts," Jenna shares in an interview with Women's Health, saying it's because it gives her energy to go through her day. Having gained fame through her impressive dancing skills in the 2006 film Step Up, she still remains passionate about the activity. That's why when she has more time, she attends dance classes. She says having a trainer who motivates her gives her the drive to stay fit and active. Particularly, she loves working with trainer Jennifer Johnson to do non-stop dance cardio. To tone her muscles, she also incorporates bands and weights in her workout.

Shanina Shaik

Australian model Shanina Shaik, on the other hand, tends to focus more on toning. She loves doing a lot of pilates to perfectly sculpt her figure, she told Harper's Bazaar. But she switches it up every now and then by boxing or joining SoulCycle classes. Overall, what's significant about this celebrity fitness routine is that she incorporates small-movement exercises that still work up multiple parts of her body. She works out three or four times a week and tries to maintain her fitness routine even when travelling. Most importantly, she gives it all when she does find time to sweat it out.

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