Here's A 15-Minute At-Home Barre Exercise You Could Do With A Chair

Ballet, yoga, and pilates in one session

While some exercises like yoga and HIIT can be done anywhere, an at-home barre workout takes some creativity to execute. What piece of furniture can replace a ballet barre? It turns out, a high-backed chair would suffice. Don't forget to wear your barre socks and spread out your yoga mat as well.

Barre exercises are a good way to ease into working out again. They help improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. Since barre is a fusion of ballet, pilates, and yoga, the movements can also help burn calories even hours after you've finished a session.

Ready to take this challenge on? Barre Labs instructor Nariko Lim walks you through 15 minutes of stretching, pulsing, and core-strengthening exercises that will put you through the wringer. We can promise that you'll feel so accomplished by the end of it.

It starts with a simple warm-up to prepare your muscles for the following pliés, possé extensions, heel taps, and leg lifts that will have you quickly working up a sweat and feeling the burn. These movements may seem minute, but trust us, the afterburn is intense.

If you're looking for a challenging full-body workout, this at-home modification to a barre exercise is one you need to try.

From HIIT to yoga, check out our YouTube playlist for more invigorating exercises to try.

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