15-Minute Pilates Routine You Can Try At Home

Start your week right

ICYMI, we're currently rolling out a lot of fitness instructional videos you can easily try at home — from quick desk therapy routines to more exhaustive HIIT workout rounds. This week, it's all about a 15-minute Pilates session with The Better Movement Studio's Julina Halim. Sculpting and toning is the goal for this series of drills so make sure you follow the video to a T.

Start with some spine stretches to engage your arms, core, and back muscles. Next, get those hips moving with a round of hip rolls and drops. Follow it up with some ab workout, leg stretches, and side bends, all the way to arm and torso rotations. Finally, cool down with a couple of kneeling foot rocks and you're done! 

P.S. Don't forget to match your breathing with your movements to make sure you don't over-exert yourself in the middle of the session. 

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