Try This 15-Minute No-Equipment HIIT Workout After A Long Working Day

Sweat out all the stress

Want to start a healthy fitness regimen but can't seem to find the time for exercising? Try this 15-minute no-equipment HIIT workout. High-Intensity Interval Training consists of intense exercises with short periods of rest in between. Although this type of workout will only need a few minutes of your time, it's proven to be an efficient way to build muscles, regulate blood pressure and burn calories.

You can do it anywhere and anytime you're comfortable. All you'll need is some ample space to move around, a mat and you're good to go.

Fitness instructor Elise Teo demonstrates two laps of routines that include a mix of full-body high-impact exercises and low-impact isolated exercises.

This 15-minute no-equipment HIIT workout starts with jumping jacks to warm you up, followed by a combined movement of prisoner squats and standing elbow knee twists. After getting pumped up, it's time to move on to more intense exercises that engage your core. Transition from standing position to plank then do alternate shoulder taps. Next, brace yourself for rapid high knees and butt kicks. 

After these bouts of intense moves, we move on to a more moderate pace with lateral shuffle and squat jumps to strengthen those thighs and glutes. Next, we're gonna get down on the floor again for some hands-off push-ups. Begin by going into a traditional pushup position with knees on the floor, making sure that your hands are in line with your shoulders or slightly wider and your feet hip-width apart. Then bend at the elbows lowering your chest all the way to the floor. Lift your hands off the floor, put them back and lift your whole body including your knees. Repeat until the next move.

Once done, move on to sit-ups. Lay on your back with both arms extended, raise your left leg and torso at the same time and reach your right hand towards your left toes. Repeat on the opposite side. 

After that, do some reverse tabletop toe touches. Start in a reverse tabletop position with your fingertips pointing sideways (important: spread your fingertips to distribute the weight so there's less strain on your wrists). Reach your right hand towards the left foot while you simultaneously lift your right leg. Next, do some plank jacks and opposite hand-to-knee taps. Finish off your first lap with a reverse burpee to burpee. After a short 30-second break, do it all over again starting from the jumping jacks for your final lap.

Remember, the more you do this exercise, the easier it will be over time. The trick is to do it as often as you can. Don't forget to carve time for this 15-minute no-equipment HIIT workout in your schedule.

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