Is This Body Contouring Treatment The Secret To A Toned Physique?

Trying Skinscape Clinic's ReduStim treatment

Have you noticed that you’re not hitting your body goals, even if you consistently exercise? While there are a lot of factors that are at play, one of these can be the presence of visceral fat in your body.


What is visceral fat?


"There are two types of fat in our bodies: visceral and subcutaneous fat. About 90% of body fat is subcutaneous fat, which lies just under our skin and is pinchable with our fingers. The remaining 10% is visceral fat, which lies out of reach, deep within our abdominal cavity and padding the spaces in between internal organs," Skinscape Clinic's Medical Director Dr. Harvey Ho Han Loong explained.


 A woman measuring her waist

Even the most lean-looking person can have visceral fat.


"Although it takes up only a small proportion of body fat, research has shown that the trouble with visceral fat is that it is biologically active," he added. This means that visceral fat is not just passive fat cells waiting to be used for energy. "Visceral fat produces hormones, cytokines and other chemicals which profoundly affect our bodies. It is linked directly to a wide variety of diseases such as elevated blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes."

How to reduce visceral fat in the body


At the moment, the most accessible way to reduce visceral fat is by adopting a healthy, balanced diet and consistent exercise. While there are popular fat-reducing treatments, such as liposuction and fat-freezing, these remove only subcutaneous fat.


 A woman exercising in the gym by lifting dumbbells

A healthy, balanced diet and consistent proper exercise can help reduce visceral fat.


Dr. Harvey's clinic offers a body contouring treatment that does get to the visceral fat hiding in the deepest parts of your abdomen. It's called the ReduStim BioStimology® treatment.

"ReduStim BioStimology® uses a patented technology to induce the breakdown, or lipolysis, of both visceral and subcutaneous fat," he shared. "The technology uses low-frequency alternating magnetic field to trigger imperceptible muscular contractions in our abdomen, similar to those resulting from sustained physical exercise, causing lipolysis of abdominal fat." It also uses controlled micro-pressure to speed up the removal of fatty acids from the body through lymphatic drainage and toxins elimination.


How does ReduStim BioStimology® work?


ReduStim creates this weak alternating magnetic field that stimulates the abdominal muscle cells' membranes which then releases calcium ions. The flow of calcium ions within the muscle cells to the muscle fibres causes muscle contractions. "These involuntary contractions use up energy, resulting in the lipolysis of fat stored in our abdomen. In short, ReduStim performs part of our body’s energy expenditure cycle but without making demands on our muscular fibres like when we exercise."

 A guy trying the ReduStim BioStimology® treatment

The treatment targets both types of fat in the body to achieve a more toned physique. (Photo from:

Apart from abdominal fat, ReduStim can help reduce subcutaneous fat in your upper arms, thighs, knees and calves too. During the ReduStim treatment, you will wear a half-body suit that covers your body from the chest down, as well as two arm cuffs. The body suit and arm cuffs contain eight inductors that will emit electromagnetic waves to these other areas as well.

Trying Skinscape Clinic's ReduStim BioStimology® treatment


TheBeauLife's Editor Becks tried several sessions of the ReduStim BioStimology® treatment. Upon entering Skinscape Clinic, she immediately noticed its elegantly understated and welcoming interiors. "It's a visually calming space that uses warm-toned neutrals to create an airy, comfortable feel."

"It looks and feels nothing like a clinical or medical space that I envisioned. Instead, the space is designed to provide a tone of zen and invite ‘complete relaxation’, as described by my host at Skinscape, which rings true to me. Red-light therapy and healing music are complimentary options for a holistic wellness experience. I felt like I was going for a spa session each time I visited," she shared.

Becks in her ReduStim BioStimology® treatment body suit

Becks during her ReduStim session.


Curious about the ReduStim body suit? "The sensation is quite similar to that of when you use a blood pressure monitor with an inflatable cuff wrapped around your arm — except that this suit is wrapped around your body from the chest down," Becks said.

"It did feel a little daunting being enveloped in the suit at first while trying to find a comfortable position, but it gets easier from there. The suit inflates and deflates rhythmically while emitting electromagnetic waves, but other than the compression — which can feel a bit tight at times — I felt nothing."

She'd rate the discomfort as two out of 10 and it's mostly due to having to find the most comfortable position for the duration of the treatment. "I didn’t quite know how to position my feet during my first session so I experienced some numbness and discomfort then. But like I said, it gets easier once you figure out a comfortable position that works for you. It feels like you’re in a massage chair for the most part."

What to do before and after a ReduStim BioStimology® session


Dr. Harvey advised refraining from having a heavy meal one to two hours before the treatment "to prevent any discomfort due to the rhythmic compression from the ReduStim body suit". Post-session, stay away from carbohydrates and sugary food for at least four hours. "The lipolysis induced by ReduStim continues for four hours after the treatment. Consumption of carbohydrates and sugar will disrupt the energy expenditure cycle in the muscles and affect the lipolysis process occurring in the fatty tissue, leading to a less optimal result."

"At Skinscape Clinic, we recommend a minimum of 14 45-minute sessions, with at least two sessions each week. Based on the results of a 2018 study, you can expect to lose 8% of your visceral fat and 7 centimetres of your waistline after completing 12 sessions," Dr. Harvey shared.

Who should try ReduStim BioStimology®?

Dr. Harvey said that anyone looking to kickstart their weight loss journey can consider ReduStim. "For example, post-partum women or those who have been carrying excess weight and have not exercised in a long while or have an injury. ReduStim is also recommended for those who wish to get rid of excess abdominal fat and reduce the associated health risks."

However, it's not suitable for pregnant women, pacemaker carriers, and patients suffering from skin conditions or other serious illnesses.

It’s also not a one-stop solution for weight loss. You'll still need to couple it with lifestyle changes. "ReduStim complements a sensible diet and physical exercise in managing your weight and health. To sustain the results from the treatment, monthly or bimonthly sessions after the initial treatment program is recommended together with lifestyle changes to your diet and physical activity."

If you also want to try the ReduStim BioStimology® treatment, you can book a session through Skinscape Clinic's website with their first trial price of SGD60 plus GST. TheBeauLife readers can get 10% off their 14-sessions package (U.P. SGD3,000 plus GST) until 28 Feb 2023 by showing this article.


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