The Glittery Vampire Skin Trend Takes Over TikTok

A new look for the spooky season

Twilight fans, it’s your time to (literally) shine because the vampire skin trend is here and trending on TikTok.

Vampire Skin Trend

K-pop star SUNMI also has her own take on the vampire look. (Photo from: @miyayeah)

Those on the lookout for glistening skin will be interested in this emerging trend. It’s inspired by the vampires in Twilight and how their skin sparkles in the sunlight. K-pop fans can also join in this trend as singer and dancer SUNMI has created her own interpretation of a vampire look.

Vampire Skin Trend: how to do it

So how do you recreate it? TikTok creators mix glitter into their foundation for an all-over sparkly complexion.

@lolhamz THIS IS THE SKIN OF A KILLER BELLA!!! inspired by @imonaugust (youre a genius)✨ #twilight #glitter #teamedward #makeup ♬ Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation & Zeds Dead

First, prep your skin with an extra hydrating skin care routine and a hydrating primer (we recommend the Pure Canvas Primer from Laura Mercier) as a base. After that, get a palette for mixing makeup or use the back of your hand to mix in your foundation (check out the Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10 Foundation from Estée Lauder), CC cream, or tinted moisturiser (like the innisfree Simple Label Tinted Moisturizer) with a cream glitter formula. Then, apply the concoction onto your skin with your usual technique for applying foundation.

To take your look to the next level, use a fan brush to sweep pressed or loose glitter onto any areas you would typically highlight such as the tops of your cheekbones, your brow bone, or the bridge of your nose. If you don't have glitter dust, you can press any glitter eyeshadow you have on hand with a dense, domed brush. If adding a little more won’t hurt, use body glitter to add sparkle to your decolletage, arms, and even legs. Try it out and show off your killer looks!

(Cover photo from: @miyayeah)

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