Rooki Beauty's Egg-Powered Emulsion Is Here To Save Sensitive Skin

With barrier-boosting skin food!

Do you frequently deal with dryness, redness, dull and uneven skin texture, and breakouts? We hate to be the bringer of bad news, but your skin may be sensitive and compromised. But don't fret! Rooki Beauty's new Good Egg Skin Recovery Milk promises to help you fix that — with the help of some egg-cellent skin food!


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Rooki Beauty Good Egg Skin Recovery Milk.


Rooki Beauty Good Egg Skin Recovery Milk ingredients


The gentle emulsion is powered by Eggshell Membrane (ESM) made from eggs sourced from Japan. It helps reinforce your skin barrier since it's rich in proteins and glycosaminoglycans (natural sugars found in body tissue) that keep the skin and its connective tissues healthy. It also keeps out external stressors that weaken the skin. Plus, the egg membrane increases the collagen in your skin and gives it a plumper appearance!

You'll find sake, or rice ferment filtrate, made from Japanese rice that's grown in Mie Prefecture in the formula too. This ingredient helps reduce inflammation in sensitive, compromised skin. It also boosts the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

There are also five types of ceramides in the formula to lock in hydration, which is important in addressing sensitive skin concerns since it creates a barrier between your skin and environmental aggressors.


Girl holding the Rooki Beauty Good Egg Skin Recovery Milk 

The pink-toned formula is packed with skin-strengthening ingredients.


The emulsion is infused with niacinamide which improves the skin’s appearance — transforming it from stressed and tired to bright and youthful — by increasing its levels of ceramides and fatty acids.

Meanwhile, Job's tears (an edible grain known as Chinese pearl barley) and milk ferment filtrate lend their skin-soothing properties to relieve any irritation.

It's recommended to use the emulsion on freshly cleansed skin and with gentle, circular motions. And then seal it in with a ceramide-rich moisturiser to lock in all the skin-soothing goodness. You can use the emulsion both morning and night for better results.


Where to buy it in Singapore


Ready to try it out? It's priced at SGD70 per 60ML on the brand's website.


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