You Need To Try The Reverse Cut Crease Taking Over Beauty IG

A spin on a trend

Are you a fan of cut creases in your eye looks? Well, since it’s the new year, you may want to shake things up by doing it in reverse. 

The reverse cut crease, as its name suggests, flips the use of "negative space" — where you leave most of your brow bone "bare" and keep the eyeshadow below or just above the crease line — and instead fills its with eyeshadow.



In the photo above, UK-based makeup artist Ana Takahashi, who started the trend, placed most of the eyeshadows above the cut crease — including a white shadow above the outer half of the crease — and extended it to the brow bone. Meanwhile, she kept the lid space minimal with white eyeshadow in the inner portion and carefully blended out a dark brown shade in a cat-eye shape.



Other makeup artists have recreated the trend using brighter colours such as pink, lime, yellow, and even the 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year Very Peri instead of Ana's original white eyeshadow. Some have thrown in coloured winged eyeliner, face stickers and gems to make their creations more unique. These all prove that the reverse cut crease is open for creative interpretation and the options are limitless.


Is the reverse cut crease something you'd be interested in trying?


(Cover photo from: @anatakahashiii)


When you're ready, you can use these Korean eyeshadow palettes to ace the reverse cut crease makeup trend!

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