Level Up Your Beauty Kit With These 11 Korean Eyeshadow Palettes

Make those eyes (K)pop!

Korean eyeshadow palettes have sealed their place in many beauty vanities because of their longevity, colour payoff, and performance matched with a typically affordable price point. They may not be as strongly pigmented as Western eyeshadows because K-beauty usually leans towards subtle and natural looks, but they offer more than enough colour variations and amazing blendability that still allow for a little bit of experimentation.

If you’re ready to wear soft but still noticeable eye looks (like BLACKPINK's Rose, True Beauty’s Moon Ga Yeong, Red Sky’s Kim Yoo Jung) especially now that they’re often highlighted with mask-wearing, these Korean eyeshadow palettes available in Singapore are the ones to check out ASAP.

1. Etude Play Color Eyes in Wine Party

This 10-pan palette gives you a good mix of neutrals and berry shades that are perfect for creating both playful and sultry looks. The mattes are easy to blend and not too powdery so pigments stay on your lids with minimal fallout.

Why we like it: The shimmers have a gorgeous subtle foil-like finish that gives just the right oomph to your look.

Get it for SGD36 at Althea Korea.

2. Coringco Shabam Shabam Eyeshadow Bar Palette in Aurora Night

This eyeshadow palette from Coringco will definitely give your look some ‘shabam’ with its smooth, high-payoff shimmers that blend without any chunks or uneven coverage.

Why we like it: The shimmers are complemented by mattes that work just as well.

Grab it for SGD17.96 at YesStyle.

3. Holika Holika Terrazzo Shadow Palette in Earthy

Whoever said one can’t have too many brown eyeshadows clearly hasn’t seen this nine-pan palette from Holika Holika. The shades have a combination of warm, cool, reddish, orange-y, and more variations of the colour that will truly give dimension to your next neutral or soft smokey eye look.

Why we like it: Aside from the mattes, this eyeshadow palette also comes with two mixed shimmer pans that are perfect for highlighting and adding pizzazz to your peepers.

Get it now for SGD29.13 at YesStyle.

4. Clio Pro Eye Palette in Botanic Mauve

Cool-toned grey and brown shadows tend to look muddy on the lids if the formula isn't done right. Thankfully, this Clio eyeshadow palette blends great no matter how much you layer.

Why we like it: You can easily use just your fingers to apply these super-blendable eyeshadows.

Add it to your cart here for SGD30.

5. Colorgram Multi-Cube Palette in Romantic Cube

Curious what True Beauty’s Lim Jugyeong (Moon Ga Yeong) is wearing in most of her looks in the drama? They’re these Cologram palettes. Romantic Cube is what she wore on one of her dates with Lee Suho (Cha Eun Woo); it was a soft peachy look that’s definitely perfect for date nights and even casual hangouts with friends and family.

Why we like it: This palette is also pretty compact so it’s great to toss into your daily beauty kit.

Check it out for yourself for SGD49.93 via Shopee.

6. INNISFREE Essential Eyeshadow Palette in Beige Brown

INNISFREE Essential Eyeshadow Palette in Beige Brown product shot

INNISFREE Essential Eyeshadow Palette in Beige Brown. (sg.innisfree.com)

This eyeshadow palette includes mattes, shimmers, and glitters that apply and blend smoothly for the most stunning eye looks. The powders are infused with jojoba oil blends to prevent clumping or flaking while you layer them on your eyelids.

Why we like it: It has the perfect combination of complementing colours that can be mixed and matched for a variety of looks.

Get it from the brand's website for SGD40.

7. 3CE Multi-Eye Color Palette in Dry Bouquet

A model shot of 3CE Multi-Eye Color Palette in Dry Bouquet

3CE Multi-Eye Color Palette in Dry Bouquet. (stylenanda.com)

Red eyeshadow may seem intimidating but this eyeshadow palette from 3CE will make you think otherwise. The muted rosy red hues are great for transition, outer corner definition, and more that will inspire you to explore looks outside of your comfort zone.

Why we like it: It contains porous silica to help control oily eyelids, which is one of the culprits for eyeshadow fading!

Add it to your beauty kit for SGD61.56 at the brand's official Shopee store.

8. Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Mood Eye Palette in Fire Mood

Can’t get enough of warm tones? You need to get your hands on this Tony Moly eyeshadow palette. Its mix of oranges and peaches look great on most skin tones, especially when blended with the gorgeous rose and gold shimmers.

Why we like it: The pans are also generously sized despite its affordability.

Get it now for SGD24.23 at YesStyle.

9. AMUSE Vegan Sheer Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Sheer Nude

A product shot of AMUSE Vegan Sheer Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Sheer Nude

AMUSE Vegan Sheer Eyeshadow Palette. (sephora.sg)

If you're looking for a vegan makeup option, this eyeshadow palette from AMUSE — which Red Velvet's Seulgi endorses, BTW — claims to be vegan, cruelty- and fragrance-free. The brand also emphasises that the palette's formula and packaging are free of any animal products or by-products.

Why we like it: You get six shades that are easy to layer thanks to their microfibre shadow formulation. The shadows are also low in saturation, which is great for no-makeup makeup girlies.

It's priced at SGD53 at Sephora.

10. NATURE REPUBLIC Daily Basic Eye Shadow Eye Palette in Blooming Mood Coral

Don't have the space in your purse for your makeup kit? This eyeshadow palette from NATURE REPUBLIC is compact and sleek — in fact, it's smaller than the size of your palm! — so it will easily fit into a pouch or pocket if you need a portable option. The coral hues are also pigmented and youthful-looking, so you can wear them for everyday makeup.

Why we like it: You have four shades to work with but these are versatile enough to create multiple looks while on the go.

It's priced at SGD26.02 on Shopee.

11. I'M MEME Official I'm Color Pattern Palette in Petal Pattern

In the mood for a radiant finish on your eyelids? This Korean eyeshadow palette from I'M MEME has six lovely pink tones in matte and sheer glitter finishes that you can use to achieve the look you want. Did we mention it's the size of a credit card too?

Why we like it: It has a blush shade too so that you can match your blush to your eyes for a monochromatic eye look.

It's priced at SGD26.18 on Shopee.

(Cover photo from: stylenanda.com)

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