This Minty Lip Oil Treatment Can Double Up As A Lip Gloss

For juicy, plump lips

Want a lip gloss that also plumps and moisturises your lips? The new Kopari Tri Peptide Lip Cloud ticks all the boxes! It’s said to be “as pretty as a gloss” and “as effective as skincare”.

Kopari Tri Peptide Lip Cloud: Ingredients, benefits

Like the famous aluminium-free deodorants from Kopari, this vegan plumping lip treatment is also formulated with moisturising coconut oil, which is rich in nourishing fatty acids, proteins and vitamin E.

Kopari Tri Peptide Lip Cloud Pink Tint Lipgloss

Kopari Tri Peptide Lip Cloud has a sheer pink tint and minty taste. (Photo from: @koparibeauty)

However, the star ingredient of the Kopari Tri Peptide Lip Cloud is its mix of different peptides and plant-derived ceramides that deliver that plump and bouncy feel to the lips. Hyaluronic acid and apricot seed oil are also added to further boost the product’s moisturising prowess.

The result is a moisturising and plumping lip oil with a high-shine look and delicious minty taste. It also has a subtle sheer pink tint that you can wear alone or pair with lipstick.

Kopari Tri Peptide Lip Cloud: Price, availability in Singapore

Kopari Tri Peptide Lip Cloud is up for grabs on the brand’s official website for USD24/~SGD34 per 5.9ML (one-time purchase). You may also save money by opting for a subscription service which is available for USD21.60/~SGD30 per month or availing of a two-pack for USD45.60/~SGD64.

(Cover photo from: @koparibeauty)

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