Transparent Eyeliner Is Perfect For Makeup Minimalists

Less is truly more

The TikTok Beauty Community strikes gold again with the Transparent Eyeliner trend. This bold but minimalist look is achieved by using fewer makeup products and yet it is no less showstopping than more intricate TikTok-viral looks such as the Passport Makeup.

Transparent Eyeliner: Who did first, makeup ideas, tutorial

The Transparent Eyeliner was created by Manchester-based Bengali TikTok user May Akhtar (@maytahmi).

@maytahmi Brb adding these Eylure Cluster lashes to my everyday looks@Eylure #EylureBrandAmbassador AD #editorialmakeup #graphic liner #linertutorial ♬ i wanna i wanna ridee - quentin

Transparent Eyeliner frames your eyes.

It’s all about creating a border around your eyes or drawing the outline of a typical winged eyeliner with a concealer and letting the natural darker shade of your eyelids and under-eye area pop out, essentially also creating a no-eyeshadow eyeshadow look.

@maytahmi When ur darker eyelids become useful x #editorialmakeup #linertutorial #eyeliner #makeuphacks ♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant - Harry Styles

May uses a blunt makeup brush to create a sharp outline using concealer.

To create this you’ll need a makeup brush with a sharp tip so you can create clean “eyeliner” outlines using concealer.

Hands holding two makeup concealers.

Concealer is your best friend for creating this makeup trend.

Next, you have to smudge the edges to soften them out for a more natural look.

@maytahmi Reply to @hellogizely sorry it’s a day late but here u goooo ☺️ #transparentliner #eyelinertutorial #editorialmakeup ♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant - Harry Styles

You can also fill out the gaps with gloss and glitter.

May also shows how you can add more glam to your Transparent Eyeliner by filling out the gaps with colourful makeup pencils, glossy eyeshadow, glitters and more. You can also get creative and put rhinestones for extra pizzazz.

Will you try this?

(Cover photo from: @maytahmi

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