4 Things We Learnt From Dr. Wu

Lifelong skincare lessons

It’s no secret that we’re fascinated with anything that has to do with skincare. So imagine our delight upon receiving an invitation to meet the iconic Dr. Wu in Taipei. We’ve already given you a glimpse of what transpired during our trip, and now we’re ready to give you access to the gold mines of beauty — courtesy of Dr. Wu himself. Here’s what you should know about taking care of your skin better.

1. Try refreshing your skincare every two years

While the onset of an allergy attack is abrupt, it actually takes a while to develop – around two years to be exact. In this span of time, the skin also changes in terms of its texture, general state, and needs. So it’s always good to refresh your skincare every two years or so. This is also the reason why Dr. Wu upgrades his products every two years. He wants to ensure that no matter what the concerns of the people are at the time, his products will be ready to help solve them with a fortified formula.

2. What instant brightening?

There are a lot of products in the market claiming that you’ll get brighter skin instantly. But Dr. Wu says that there’s no such thing as an instant result when it comes to skincare. Good skin takes time and consistency.

The key is something you might be overlooking: exfoliation. There are two ways to do it; you can either go the physical route or tread the chemical way. But the best way to get the brightening you want though is through chemical exfoliation. Among the more popular chemicals used for exfoliation are alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), but there are more modern and effective acids to use now, like mandelic acid.

Speaking of mandelic acid, we already revealed that Dr. Wu was the first to bring mandelic acid from a professional clinic to the public, so people can have easier access to it. And as per personal tradition, the brand recently launched an innovative take by introducing the DR.WU Daily Renewal line with mandelic acid. The essence contains three acids (mandelic, salicylic and pyruvic) and three probiotics (brewer’s yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and Bifidobacterium) to renew the skin deeply yet mildly.

3. Make moisturising your top priority

The different steps in a skincare routine are for different reasons and needs, but Dr. Wu says the most important of them all is moisturisation. If you’re a skincare rookie, put moisturising on top of your to-do list. You wanna know why? Here are just a few things that could happen if you don’t moisturise: you can get wrinkles; your skin will look dull and flaky; your acne will worsen; and your skin will get itchy. Being well-hydrated also makes the skin act like a healthy base and help the other skincare goodness you'll be putting on your skin to get absorbed better.

For starters, try the DR. WU Skin Recovery Moisturizer with Tri-Ceramides. It has a light and creamy texture that won’t make you feel icky and sticky. Plus, the ingredients are top notch. The combination of American sunflower seed extract, β-glucan, saccharide isomerate, and multiple vitamins ensure that the skin is properly moisturised, soothed from dryness and irritation, and well-hydrated.

4. Treat it topically

Once you see trouble, address it right away. Think of it the way you would react to any other problem; you’d want to solve it quickly before it gets worse.

You can also see it this way: when you treat a skin problem topically — as in you put the treatment on the problem — you concentrate it there, making the chances of it going away higher. Dr. Wu also gave treating a burn as an example. Yes, a good lifestyle composed of a healthy diet and an exercise routine is great and Dr. Wu still champions a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. But you can't really tell a person to eat healthily or exercise and just wait for the wound to heal. You need to address the burn or wound directly, otherwise, it can get worse.

While the results of products may take a bit to manifest, urgency is needed when it comes to treating skin problems for faster results, says Dr. Wu. There’s nothing wrong with being early, and prevention (and early treatment) is always better than repairing when big damage has been done.

Enjoy the new DR. WU line when it hits Singapore stores in October.

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