How Well Do You Know Your Skin?

Plus, how to address it with Neutrogena® LABS

Let’s do a quick quiz. In your head, answer “yes” or “no” to the following statements. You head out and get exposed to pollutants, suddenly your skin gets red and hot. You slept late last night and you wake up to a pimple. You head out and the sun is so hot, you get a heat rash. If you answered yes to all of these, you might assume that it’s because you have sensitive skin. Surprise, surprise! You might — but you also might not. What’s sure is your skin is reactive, and you need skincare that’s made especially for it like Neutrogena® LABS.

Sensitive vs. reactive

Before you treat your condition, of course, it’s best to know what you’re up against. Simply put, reactive skin is one that — you guessed it — reacts to stimulants or aggressors. They could be pollutants, stress, UV rays, or lack of sleep. The main difference is that sensitive skin is more inherent and the reactions don’t typically go away instantly. Did this confirm if you have reactive skin? If so, it’s time to set your eyes on how to treat it right.

Effective but gentle care

The full range of Neutrogena LABS products

The full range of Neutrogena® LABS products

The key to giving your reactive skin the care it needs? Choose gentle but powerful. Neutrogena® LABS is a mild acidic rebalancing cleanser range created with dermatologists to ensure your skin gets thorough cleansing minus the harshness. They can effectively cleanse without drying out your skin with its patented magnetic technology. Think of this tech as a giant magnet that attracts all the pesky things you don’t want from your skin — even the smallest particles such as PM2.5 micropollutants. The cleansers — all of which are free from soap, sulphates, fragrance, parabens and 26 top allergens — do so without disrupting your skin, so there’s 0 per cent irritation.

For dry, reactive skin

If you have dry reactive skin, start off with the Neutrogena® LABS Hydrating Micellar Jelly Makeup Remover. Made with magnetic technology and micelles, this effectively removes makeup without any effort. Aside from that, it has one per cent Poly Hydroxy Acid that gently exfoliates, Hyaluronic Acid that pumps up hydration, and Portulaca extract that soothes. Complete your double-cleansing regime with the mild foaming Neutrogena® LABS Hydrating Micellar Gel Cleanser. This PHA-packed cleanser removes all impurities from your skin and pores. Made with patented polymeric technology, this cleanses your skin without disrupting your skin’s barrier. To amp up the strength it gives, it also has Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates and restores the skin.

For oily, reactive skin

Neutrogena LABS Clear Cleanser

Neutrogena® LABS Clarifying Micellar Gel Cleanser

For those in the oilier side of the spectrum, the Neutrogena® LABS Clarifying Micellar Jelly Makeup Remover is a great first step. This cleanser’s strong enough to remove waterproof makeup but gentle enough to keep your skin’s natural pH balance. Infused with two per cent Poly Hydroxy Acid, it gently exfoliates the skin and removes excess oil and impurities. It also has Portulaca extract that reduces skin inflammation.

Follow it up with the Neutrogena® LABS Clarifying Micellar Gel Cleanser. Aside from restoring your skin’s pH balance while gently cleansing with its patented polymeric technology, it also has two per cent Poly Hydroxy Acid for refining your pores. Plus, it has Salicylic Acid that decreases redness and promotes faster healing of pimples — just what your reactive skin needs.

Take care of your reactive skin properly with Neutrogena® LABS. Get them at Watsons Malaysia or shop for your reactive skin below.

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