3 Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Spots Effectively

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Bothered by dark spots appearing on your face? We feel you. But before we walk you through each of the steps to clear and luminous skin, let’s first dive into the causes of dark spots. Dark spots appear when melanin — the natural pigment that gives our skin colour — is unevenly produced. You’ll usually find them after being exposed for excessively long periods under the sun. They can also be caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause. And when we age, our skin is no longer able to efficiently heal scars and spots as quickly as it did before.

Read on as we round up three tips on how you can not only reduce dark spots but prevent new ones from forming with the help of the NIVEA LUMINOUS630 range.

3 ways to get rid of dark spots effectively

1. Be mindful of the sun

As we’ve mentioned above, dark spots appear on our faces, on our hands, and on other parts of our body when we’re exposed too much to the harsh UV rays of the sun. The sun causes photo-ageing, which leads to loss of elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture. Avoid staying out in the sun without any protection especially when the heat of the sun is at its peak (which is around 11AM to 3PM).

For smooth, youthful skin: NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti-Age & Spot Serum

NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti-Age & Spot Serum

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If the dark spots on your skin have been annoying you for years, the NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti-Age & Spot Serum promises to reduce accumulated dark spots. Two weeks of using the serum are all you need before seeing the first visible results. The serum also offers a powerful anti-ageing formula to reduce stubborn age spots, strengthen your skin‘s structure, and fill deep wrinkles without harming your skin.

NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti-Age & Spot Serum

It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Aside from targeting dark spots, it prevents the formation of new ones too. It goes deep into the cellular level and contains hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin with moisture and a collagen booster to increase the cell’s own production of collagen. This helps to re-volumise the skin, fill deep wrinkles, and pave the way for younger-looking, plumper, luminous skin.

2. Avoid touching your face

You might not always see it, but your hands might contain dirt, oil, or bacteria that can exacerbate existing skin issues such as your dark spots or patches when you rub or scratch any area of your face. If you can’t avoid touching your face especially when you’re putting on your makeup or your skincare products, make it a habit to wash your hands first.

For radiant, beautiful skin: NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Advanced Spot Serum

NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Advanced Spot Serum

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To help your journey to removing various kinds of dark spots and reveal your skin’s luminosity, use the NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Advanced Spot Serum AKA the “World’s No.1 Anti-Spot Serum”. It contains the brand’s patented LUMINOUS630, which is proven to be 10X more effective than other renowned brightening ingredients to reduce deep-rooted dark spots in two weeks without harming skin.

NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Advanced Spot Serum

It's gentle and made for all skin types.

It aims to act on existing pigmentation, lighten dark spots, and reduce their size. It also has the power to balance new pigmentation to prevent the appearance of new spots.

3. Look for targeted skincare solutions

It’s normal to wish to take matters into your own hands or seek home remedies to help you get rid of dark spots in hopes that they will instantly fade. But you might be setting yourself up for bigger problems. So instead, look to research-backed solutions to target dark spots effectively.

NIVEA LUMINOUS630 tackles dark spots along with different skin concerns


Target all types of spots with the NIVEA LUMINOUS630 range.

The NIVEA LUMINOUS630 range is the key to unlocking youthful, radiant, and beautiful skin in a way that’s dermatologically approved, gentle for all skin types and colours, and suitable for sensitive skin. It addresses various kinds of dark spots by going deep into the cellular level and is proven effective with its visible results. 

Wondering what people are saying about it? Singaporean actress and singer Rui En shared that her dark spots and wrinkles were reduced in two weeks after using the new LUMINOUS630 Anti-Age & Spot Serum. Her skin feels firmer and brighter and appears more luminous too just after a few weeks of application. Actress Patrine Choo is also a fan of the NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Advanced Spot Serum, and shares that it has become her personal favourite for achieving glowing spotless skin. 

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