Try These: 3 Fun Ways To Feed Your Skin With Moisture

Make moisturising exciting with belif

Moisturising is an essential part of any skincare routine. But it’s not exactly something you plan out your routine for. These days when we all need a little spark of wonder and whimsy though, romanticising your skincare routine may just be what you need for a quick pick me up. How do you do that? Feed your skin with moisture — in three fun ways. With the help of the belif Aqua Bomb Ampoule Serums and True Cream Bombs, here’s how this skin-nourishing step in your skincare routine can go from humdrum to exciting (with skin-loving benefits of course).

Do the three-layer method

Curious what the three-layer method is? It’s derived from the famed seven-skin method popularised by South Korean actress and former Miss Korea, Honey Lee. She revealed in the variety show Get It Beauty that her secret to glowing skin is putting on seven layers of watery essence or what is called in Korea as “skin”. Honey Lee claims that this makes her complexion amply moisturised. Soon, many ladies in Korea adopted this new and exciting way of locking in moisture.

But if you're looking for something that's time-saving, you can opt for a three-layer method instead. To do this, you need efficient products with lightweight texture but heavyweight moisturising power – such as the belif Aqua Bomb Refining Ampoule Serum and belif Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum.

The three-layer method is easy to do with the belif Ampoule Serums.

Which one should you use? If you’re looking for something to soften and smoothen your complexion, go for the belif Aqua Bomb Refining Ampoule Serum. It has a jelly-like lightweight texture that provides an instant moisture barrier without greasy residue. Aside from its moisturising properties, it also has exfoliating power thanks to Serine and Marshmallow Root to improve overall complexion.

But if what you’re looking for is something to help you achieve vibrant-looking skin, the belif Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum is the choice. What’s great about this antioxidant-rich ampoule is that it can be instantly absorbed thanks to its “bubble oil texture” formed when herb water is mixed with the Herb-Toco Formula™ and Vitamin E during application.

Compared to conventional watery essences commonly used in the seven-skin method, ampoules have concentrated formulas that act as a “booster” so you’ll just need a lesser amount of product but reap the same benefits. With ampoules, you may also see a change in your complexion in a shorter amount of time.

Here’s how you can do the three-layer method using ampoules. For the first layer, apply an adequate amount of ampoule (about three to four drops) all over your face and neck, then gently massage the product using circular motions to help absorption. Once done, pause for 30 seconds and then apply the same amount of ampoule again, making sure to massage it onto your skin. Once fully absorbed, wait for another 30 seconds and repeat the process again. To make the routine more fun, we like to play music in the background and massage to the rhythm!

For those who have oily or combination skin, use slightly fewer drops per layer so as not to overwhelm the skin. On the other hand, if you’ve got dry skin, you can apply more drops as needed.

Use ampoule masks

After a long day, all you’d want to do is head to bed and doze off. We totally get it, but as always, skincare first! There’s a way to make your night regimen less tedious; make it part of your relaxation time. And what better way to relax with skincare than putting a mask on?

belif beauty ampoules flatlay

Make your skincare routine part of your relaxation time with belif Ampoule Serums.

Instead of your usual sheet mask, amp your routine up (pun intended) with an ampoule mask. It’s easy to make one with things you already have. First, soak a cotton pad with three to four drops of your favourite ampoule — whether that’s the belif Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum, the belif Aqua Bomb Refining Ampoule Serum or a combination of the two (yes you can mix them together!) is up to you. Then, put on the cotton pad in areas where there’s dryness or dullness, such as on the cheeks and around the eyes and mouth.

Take a cat nap or meditate for five minutes with the ampoule mask sitting on your skin. Then, remove all the cotton pads and massage the leftover ampoule onto the skin. For even better ampoule absorption, warm your face up with your palms by gently tapping the skin. Then, seal the deal with a moisturiser.

Chilled moisturiser

Moisturisers are like that one trustworthy friend that you can depend on. Oily, dry or combination — no matter what your skin type is, the common denominator is the need for hydration. However, we tend to overlook this powerful skincare item and think of it as mundane. Elevate your moisturiser experience instantly by storing it in the fridge (not the freezer). Chilled moisturisers offer an instant burst of freshness and moisture and can even soothe tired skin.

Chilled moisturiser

Pop the belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb in the fridge for a refreshing burst of moisture.

Create the perfect moisture barrier after putting on your ampoule with one of belif’s True Cream Bombs. It’s a range of super-hydrating moisturisers tailored for different skin needs.

The belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb is for you if you want to address the hydration woes of your oily or combination skin. The original aqua bomb that started the rage, it has a lightweight gel-cream consistency that penetrates the skin and increases its moisture level by up to 70%.

For ladies with dry skin, the belif The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb is a great pick. It will deliver 26-hour hydration to soothe dry, flaky skin but doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Upon touchdown on your skin, this cream will “burst” and form an instant moisture barrier.

Skincare that not only gives benefits but also a fun, relaxing time? We’re all for it!

This story was created in partnership with belif.

Ready to have fun with your moisturising routine? Get the belif Ampoule Serums and True Bomb Creams here.

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