Debunking Common Hijab Hair Myths

With Rejoice Hijab Perfection series

There are many hair care misconceptions out there, and hijab-wearers are not spared from hearing them, especially those about how they care for their hair. With the help of the ​Rejoice Hijab Perfection​ series, we're here to name a few of them and share whether they're true or false.

Rejoice Hijab Smooth Series

The Rejoice Hijab Perfection Perfume series

Hijabis don't shampoo often

Hijab-wearers cover their hair most of the time so they don’t really get dirty, right? While they're protected from dust and UV rays, they still get hot and humid, which makes the scalp oily and greasy. So it goes without saying that cleansing is a must! And, yes, hijabis actually do — and should — shampoo often.

Rejoice Hijab Pefection Cool
The Rejoice Hijab Perfection Cool series

But, of course, the products they use should be made especially for their hair care needs. The Rejoice Hijab Perfection series is just that. It cleans the scalp effectively without being harsh or causing heaviness on the hair. It also gives off a superior cool feeling on the scalp — perfect for when a hijab is worn. Apart from that it also has a nourishing formula that stops split ends from forming. Choose a range that addresses your needs: the ​3-in-1 Perfect Cool​ range has a menthol, fresh mountain breeze scent that energises, while the ​3-in-1 Perfect Perfume​ has a floral scent that's equally refreshing.

They don't style their hair

Essentials for nice hair underneath the hijab — and without it.

A common misconception is that hijabis just put their hair in a bun, wear a hijab and call it a day. Many — if not most — of them, in fact, style their hair creatively. It just so happens that we can't marvel at how great they look! We all know how styling can affect the hair, so giving it extra care is a must. For this, the ​3-in-1 Perfect Conditioning Conditioner​ should be a staple. It has moisturising powers that don't weigh the hair down — perfect for giving styled (and covered) hair some TLC.

They use just anything on their hair

While there are many who believe that hijabis don't style their hair, there are also those that think they apply just anything on their hair. But the truth is, they care about their hair — and hair type — just like any other person, and use products fit exactly for their needs.

They shower with hijab on

This might sound absurd, but trust us, it is a common misconception. From not washing their hair to washing it ​with ​the hijab on — the misconceptions about hijab hair care can be quite confusing. But this one's simply untrue. While many wear hijabs, it doesn't mean they never take them off. They are free to take them off at home or in spaces where they feel is safe — their bathrooms included.

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