Glow From The Inside Out With These Beauty Picks

Usher in the holiday season with confidence

Have you been taking good care of yourself this year? Regardless, there’s no better time for you to indulge in a few goodies that will empower you to glow from the inside out as we usher in the holiday season. From refreshing skincare essentials and top-to-toe beauty picks to health-boosting supplements, add these pampering products to your Christmas wishlist to help kick start your ‘glow up’ journey.

Blackmores ‘Fitter You’ Christmas Kit

Look fit and fab in time for a season of feasting and merry-making with the Blackmores ‘Fitter You’ Christmas Kit for SGD76 (worth SGD138, save 45 per cent), which stars the Blackmores Ultra Body Shaper (30s x 2), a Blackmores Blackmores Vitamin E cream plus Lanolin 50G (worth SGD20) and a cute tote bag.

The Blackmores Ultra Body Shaper is formulated with eight nutrients and Patented African Mango Seed extract, and is clinically proven to help lose weight and fat in 10 weeks. Its triple action body shaping function can help to block fat formation, burn fats and curb food cravings. Plus, it promotes energy levels and immunity in a calorie-reduced diet.
Blackmores ‘Glow Up’ Christmas Kit

Pamper your skin from within with the Blackmores ‘Glow Up’ Christmas kit, which is specially priced at SGD71 (worth SGD130, save 45 per cent). The kit contains the Blackmores Ultimate Radiant Skin (30s x 2) (worth SGD55 each), a Blackmores Vitamin E cream plus Lanolin 50G (worth SGD20) and a cute tote bag.

The Ultimate Radiant Skin contains potent antioxidants and nutrients including marine collagen, Grape Seed extract and other effective ingredients to nourish deep within your skin where topical skincare cannot reach. It’s also clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 21 per cent in 12 weeks. Apart from its ability to minimise enlarged pores, this tablet also gives dull, tired skin a much-needed boost, especially after long hours of mask-wearing.

Blackmores Immunity Boost Kit

Prioritise your health and strengthen your immune system with the Blackmores Immunity Boost Kit for SGD31 (worth SGD68.70, save 55 per cent), which features the Blackmores Bio C 100 Effervescent (10s x 3), Blackmores Bio C Chewable 500 50s, a Blackmores Vitamin E cream plus Lanolin 50G (worth SGD20) and a cute tote bag.

The delicious Blackmores Bio C Effervescent contains high doses of Vitamin C, echinacea and zinc to boost your immunity. Furthermore, this 98 per cent sugar-free drink also reduces the severity and duration of common colds so you can get back on your feet in no time. As for the Blackmores Bio C Chewable, it’s a yummy chewable tablet that is gentle on the stomach with low-acid mineral ascorbates – a fantastic supplement which you can easily enjoy on-the-go, anytime.

KOSÉ SEKKISEI Basic Skincare Set

Brighten your skin tone with the KOSÉ SEKKISEI Basic Skincare Set for SGD110 (original price: SGD159), which contains a 130G White Washing Foam, a 200ML Lotion and a 140ML Emulsion.

Begin with the foam cleanser, which is rich in oriental herbal essences to support the regeneration of the skin. Then, apply the lotion to reduce skin’s dullness and create an even glow. Finally, help yourself to their quick-absorbing lightweight emulsion to help balance the skin’s moisture levels. Available at major departmental stores island wide including BHG, Metro, Isetan and OG.

KOSÉ SEKKISEI Clear Wellness Effective Set

Has your skin been looking dry and dull recently? Consider trying the KOSÉ SEKKISEI Clear Wellness Effective Set for SGD70 (original price: SGD98), which stars a 200ML Natural Drip Lotion and a 50G Hydrating Gel.

SEKKISEI Clear Wellness Effective is specially formulated with the brand’s unique Clarity Boost Agent to boost your skin’s clarity with the power of moisture. The former boasts a mild yet rich texture that absorbs easily into the skin, while the latter is designed to plump up your skin with moisture. Available at major departmental stores island wide including BHG, Metro, Isetan and OG from 27 November. 

KOSÉ SEKKISEI Clear Wellness Free Set

If your skin is on the sensitive side, consider giving KOSÉ SEKKISEI’s Clear Wellness Free Set a go. Priced at SGD50 (original price: SGD71), the products are free of parabens, alcohol and are formulated with the brand’s unique Japanese botanicals called ITOWA, which is allergy-tested and gentle to the skin.

The set includes a 160ML Gentle Wash, which boasts an ultra-fine, meringue-like form to clear the skin’s dirt embedded in pores, as well as a 200ML Pure Concentrate Lotion that protects the skin from problems such as dryness and roughness. Available at major departmental stores island wide including BHG, Metro, Isetan and OG from 27 November. 

The Body Shop Glowing British Rose Big Gift Box

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a bloomin’ bouquet of rosy body care essentials from The Body Shop’s well-loved British Rose range with The Glowing British Rose Big Gift Box for SGD69.

Made with the essence of handpicked floral rose petals, this gift set includes a refreshing 250ML Shower Gel to soothe your senses, a richly-textured 200ML Body Butter to give your skin a natural-looking glow, a fragrantly floral 100ML Eau De Toilette and a hydrating 30ML Hand Cream. Plus, it also comes with a handy Bath Lily to cater to all your body-buffing needs.

The Body Shop Festive Berry Little Gift Box

Look forward to a Berry Christmas as The Body Shop unveils its line-up of special edition festive fragrances starring Festive Berry, Winter Jasmine and Warm Vanilla.

Pick up the Festive Berry Little Gift Box for SGD35, which contains four fruit body care treats: A sweet 250ML Shower Gel, a super light yet moisturising 200ML Body Yoghurt, an exfoliating 50ML Body Scrub, and a pocket-sized 30ML Hand Cream.

The Body Shop ‘Lather & Smooth’ Snow Globe Gift Dome

Nourish your body with fun fruity treats this festive season by adding The Body Shop’s ‘Lather & Smooth’ Snow Globe Gift Dome to cart. All of the seriously sweet treats included within this eye-catching gift dome are made with Community Fair Trade ingredients as well.

Priced at SGD35, this gift set stars five pampering products: juicy 60ML Strawberry Shower Gel and 50ML Strawberry Body Butter, nourishing 60ML Banana Shampoo and 60ML Banana Conditioner, and a hydrating 10ML Strawberry Lip Butter.

The Body Shop Refreshing Shower Gels Gift Box

Elevate your shower ritual with The Body Shop’s Refreshing Shower Gels Gift Box for SGD28, which includes eight tiny yet mighty 60ML variants for you to choose from.

Opt for zingy Pink Grapefruit if you’re looking for an energising pick-me-up, or try creamy Coconut if your skin’s been feeling parched lately. There’s also Almond Milk & Honey, British Rose, Moringa, Satsuma, Shea, and Strawberry for you to pamper yourself with. In addition to their wonderful scents and superior skin cleansing properties, these shower gels and creams are also thoughtfully made with Community Fair Trade ingredients from all around the world.

The Body Shop ‘Squeeze & Share’ Hand Cream Crackers

Hand-creams are a much-appreciated gift this holiday season as we’ve been slathering our hands with alcohol sanitisers more often than ever. It’s time to surprise your closed ones with The Body Shop’s ‘Squeeze & Share’ Hand Cream Crackers for SGD59, which features six different varieties of nourishing 30ML hand creams.

From delicious Almond Milk & Honey, tangy Strawberry and calming Moringa to nutty Shea, sweet Mango and floral British Rose, there’s a creamy treat within this delightful set that’s perfect for everyone.

NOA NOA LUXE Bio-Cellulose Mask

Get mask-happy with the NOA NOA LUXE Bio-Cellulose Mask (SGD78 for five pieces), which contains horse placenta extract to help block the formation of free radicals in your skin. The mask provides your skin with a lifting effect while improving its circulation and regeneration. In addition, its bio-cellulose material also allows it to fit snugly against the uneven surface of the skin.

Onsensou Scalp Care Shampoo

Maintaining good scalp health is key to having beautiful, shiny locks. Onsensou’s Scalp Care Shampoo (SGD46) contains seaweed extract from the hot thermal springs of Beppu, Japan and hot spring algae extract to strengthen the hair and provide gentle care for the scalp that’s prone to dryness and dandruff. Plus, it contains vitamin C to give your hair the healthy shine it needs.

Onsensou Scalp Care Treatment

Strengthen your haircare routine by pairing your Onsenseu Scalp Care Shampoo with the Onsenseu Scalp Care Treatment (SGD46), which stars natural ingredients derived from Beppu hot spring along with hydrolysed yeast extract that is said to promote the growth of cells that underlie hair. It also contains green algae extract, which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

RUHAKU Gettou UV Sunscreen

Heading outside? Be sure to apply RUHAKU Gettou UV’s Sunscreen (SGD55), which contains SPF50 + PA++++. Safe for sensitive skin and kind on the environment, this organic product is suitable for use on both the face and on the body. It contains aloe extract to retain moisture in the skin, as well as matcha and green tea extracts to fight against dark spots. Available at Takashimaya Department Store.

SASS Coffee & Cocoa Body Scrub

Out with the old, and in with the new. Slough off pesky dead skin cells from your body with the SASS Coffee & Cocoa Body Scrub (SGD40), which is not only gentle to your skin but for the environment as well as it does not contain any microbeads. Massage this product gently onto your body and look forward to smoother, fresher-looking skin in no time. SASS’s body scrub is also available in Matcha & Sakura as well.

Which of these beauty picks will you be adding to cart?

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