Watch These 3 Heart-Fluttering Dramas Starring Zhao Lusi

Meet the chemistry queen

We’ve got a long weekend ahead, and if going on a C-drama marathon is part of your plans, check out these dramas starring Zhao Lusi.

Zhao Lusi dramas

Sweeten up your watchlist with these titles. (Photo from: @rooosyzh09)

Zhao Lusi: age, acting career, and more

But first, here’s a quick background about Zhao Lusi AKA Rosy (her English name). She’s a 25-year-old Chinese actress who debuted in 2017 and became known for her innocent, lovestruck, and endearing roles. She has bagged the Best Actress award for The Romance of Tiger and Rose at the 2020 Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China, the Asian Star Award for The Long Ballad at the 2021 Seoul International Drama Awards, and more.

Aside from her acting career, she’s a singer who has also lent her vocals to OSTs for the dramas she starred in, including All I Want Is To Hide You Secretly for Hidden Love. She also became a Global Brand Ambassador for Versace in November 2023. 

We’ve rounded up her most recent and best dramas which dominated the C-drama realm.

Zhao Lusi dramas

1. The Last Immortal

If you’re a fan of fantasy shows but you’re new to the C-drama world, then put The Last Immortal at the top of your list. It’s a xianxia (meaning a show that revolves around Chinese mythology and immortal heroes) that has an easy-to-follow plot and some comedic moments. 

Zhao Lusi takes on the role of Feng Yin, a female spirit who embarks on a quest to gather the fragments of her scattered immortal essence. She meets Gu Jin (Wang Anyu) who joins her quest. He’s the “son of the true god” whose magical powers are still sealed.

The show will charm you with its beautiful effects, costumes, and intriguing characters. 

Stream The Last Immortal on Viu.

2. Hidden Love

If you love the “she fell first but he fell harder” trope, Hidden Love is the way to go. 

Zhao Lusi plays the role of Sang Zhi who has had a crush on her older brother’s best friend, Duan Jiaxu (played by the C-heartthrob Chen Zheyuan) when she was in middle school. Years pass and circumstances pull them apart. When they meet again, Sang Zhi is a freshman at Jiaxu’s university, and there’s finally room for their love to blossom.

It’s a lighthearted rom-com about first loves, family troubles, and coming-of-age. While the main couple’s chemistry is one for the books, you’ll also enjoy the bickering and relatable interactions between Sang Zhi and her brother Sang Yan (played by singer-songwriter Victor Ma).

Stream Hidden Love on Netflix.

3. Love Like The Galaxy

Love Like The Galaxy was the top drama on Viu Singapore in 2022. If you’re a fan of saeguks otherwise known as period dramas in the K-drama-verse, then this one’s for you. 

Zhao Lusi portrays the role of Cheng Shao Shang who was forced to grow up alone after her parents had to fight in a bloody war. She crosses paths with a seemingly coldhearted general named Ling Bu Yi (Leo Wu). After facing various obstacles together, they begin to gradually trust each other and their feelings start to grow.

Aside from the “star-crossed” romance, the series has other engaging themes such as family dynamics and politics.

Stream Love Like The Galaxy on Viu.

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