‘Love Between Fairy And Devil’ Will Be Your New Fave Drama, Here’s Why

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Looking for a new drama to watch that’s maybe outside of your comfort zone but will still guarantee an entertaining experience? Put Love Between Fairy and Devil on your watch queue right now. This 36-episode Chinese drama (C-drama) stars Dylan Wang (also known as Wang He Di of Meteor Garden 2018 fame) as Lord Devil Dongfang Qing Cang, Esther Yu (also known as Yu Shuxin) as Orchid, and Zhang Ling He as God of War Chang Heng.

Dylan Wang and Esther Yu in Love Between Fairy and Devil

Dylan Wang and Esther Yu in Love Between Fairy and Devil. (Photo from: @iqiyi)

Love Between Fairy and Devil plot

Love Between Fairy and Devil is a xianxia (drama themed around immortal gods) rom-com that, as the name suggests, focuses on the forbidden love between a fairy and a devil.

It starts with the legend of Dongfang Qing Cang (Dylan Wang), a member of the Moon Tribe who sought greater power which turned him into the emotionless Lord Devil. He led an army that caused devastation to the other realms.

The God of War, Chi Di Nu Zi (Guo Xiaoting), sacrificed herself in order to trap the Lord Devil using the Haotian Matrix. However, she left a warning that there was still a possibility that Dongfang Qing Cang would escape and would cause chaos as revenge. It was then believed that only the Goddess of Xishan could stop him. However, the said goddess disappeared without a trace, causing a looming fear over the rest of the realms.

After 30,000 years, the seal of the Haotian Matrix started to weaken. The new God of War Chang Heng (Zhang Linghe) attempted to restore the locks to keep the Dongfang Qing Cang from escaping. By accident, Orchid (Esther Yu), a weak and low-ranking fairy found herself in Dongfang Qing Cang’s prison and helped the Lord Devil escape without realising who he actually is.

Orchid’s actions created a link between them, causing Dongfang Qing Cang to feel all of Orchid’s emotions as if they were his own. The only way for Dongfang Qing Cang to be free of this and to restore his full power is to sacrifice Orchid.

Got you interested? We give you five spoiler-free reasons to watch Love Between Fairy and Devil below.

1. It’s a great introduction to xianxia C-dramas

You’d be surprised by how many xianxia and wuxia (dramas set in ancient China) shows there are to choose from. Unlike historical K-dramas however, C-dramas are more theatrical and whimsical, with very few focusing on actual historical events and references and mostly leaning towards fantasy and martial arts. And yes, it can take some getting used to if you’re still new to these types of shows.

However, with Love Between Fairy and Devil’s more straightforward storytelling, it’s definitely a good way to get into the genre without being overwhelmed by too much lore, peculiar characterisation, etc. The plot is easy to follow and with romance as the main theme, it’s universally relatable despite the fantasy elements.

2. The costumes, set design, and visual effects make the world-building phenomenal

While many xianxia C-dramas are already good when it comes to bringing fantasy worlds to life, Love Between Fairy and Devil’s team did exceptionally well in taking things to new heights.

The costumes are very elaborate with details about the characters’ personas embedded into each look, down to the smallest detail. The set design is also really stunning and makes every realm look like they’re actually rooted from reality. And the seamless and mesmerisingly otherworldly visual effects immerse you into the world of the drama.

3. The lore is well thought out

One of the biggest challenges of any fantasy-related work is creating a fully fleshed-out world from scratch. This drama made that happen, with each tribe in the fairy realm having their own unique identities and cultures manifested through the characters’ way of speaking, the costumes, set designs, and overall delivery of the storyline. The meticulousness that goes into the lore is impressive and yet the storytelling is non-convoluted.

4. The soundtrack and scoring definitely adds to the etherealness of the drama

A drama is never complete without music and Love Between Fairy and Devil’s soundtrack is simply captivating. The songs add layers of emotions to the plot, enhancing the scenes even when nothing else is being spoken through dialogue. The scoring also helps build the mood of each scene or sequence, mellowing down or intensifying in a pace that perfectly matches what unfolds onscreen.

5. The cast owned their roles beautifully

If there’s one thing to truly commend about this drama, it’s the fact that the cast did so well in their roles; they weren’t just swallowed whole by their grand costumes or didn’t fade against the gorgeous sets. Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin’s chemistry made the series fun, charming, but also worthy of deeper emotional investment.

Watch Love Between Fairy and Devil on iQiYi or Netflix.

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